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Ski underwear: functional cold killer

You might ask yourself why you need special ski underwear and why normal underwear is not enough for this wonderful sport. The answer is quite simple: ski underwear is the layer of clothing for winter sports that lies directly on the skin. It ensures that your body is kept as dry as possible when skiing, ski touring or snowboarding downhill, despite the exertion and the associated sweat production. Compared to standard cotton underwear, ski underwear is designed to ensure optimal moisture transport to the outside. The tight, yet comfortable fit of ski underwear for men and women protects your body from the perils of winter. In our range of ski underwear, for example, you will find both functional shirts and warming longsleeves as well as the famous long johns.

What are the concrete advantages of ski underwear?

Of course, skiing or snowboarding requires several layers under your jacket. Only ski underwear is not enough. Keyword: the onion principle. But: ski underwear forms the basis for you to experience optimal temperature regulation during your adventures on the mountain. Thanks to premium ski underwear, you won't freeze, but you won't overheat either. Regardless of whether you opt for ski underwear made of synthetic fibres or prefer products made of merino wool, and regardless of which manufacturer appeals to you the most, the effect is generally the same: unlike cotton, sweat is transported away from the skin and outwards. Ski underwear and functional underwear generate that the body is cooled during sporting activities, i.e. the temperature is kept at a constant level. Thanks to their special materials, they also ensure that no unpleasant shivering occurs when exertion is reduced.

What distinguishes ski underwear?

If you go into detail, you can also identify concrete differences between synthetic fibres and merino wool.

  • Ski underwear made of polymers, polyamide or polyester, which are usually supplemented with elastane, absorb less moisture, for example. On the other hand, it can be wicked away from the body more quickly due to the so-called capillaries. The underwear therefore stays dry for a long time, even during strenuous activity. In contrast to functional underwear for running or cycling, the focus of ski underwear is of course on thermal insulation. The advantages of synthetic fibre ski underwear: people with sensitive skin do not have to worry about annoying pressure points and itchy spots. The fibres used for this ski underwear are particularly fine and thus ensure a comfortable feeling on the skin.
  • Merino wool also has a number of advantages: The premium wool is able to absorb moisture without becoming clammy. Merino wool is water-repellent and stays dry for a long time. Ideal for extended ski tours or snowboard sessions. And more than that: ski underwear made of merino wool even protects against the cold when it is damp. This is due to the structure and shape of the fibre. The fibres are crimped and lie closely on top of each other, creating small air chambers. The air chambers virtually trap the body heat and thus have an insulating and temperature-regulating effect.
    You're thinking: it all sounds good, but wool is known to be itchy on bare skin. In fact, wool can make people with sensitive skin feel uncomfortable. This is the case when it comes to conventional wool with relatively thick fibres. Merino wool, however, has a much thinner diameter and therefore feels pleasantly soft on the skin. Merino wool also has a unique feature: because its surface is "scaly", perspiration and the associated odour-producing bacteria have fewer nesting opportunities than on smooth surfaces.

    Salewa, Icebreaker, Odlo and Co: premium brands in ski underwear

Are you planning to equip yourself with high-quality ski underwear online for your next winter holiday? Then you should rely on the numerous manufacturers with special expertise in this area. At Keller Sports we stock a wide range in our ski underwear shop from numerous premium brands that have made a name for themselves over the years and meet the very highest standards. Salewa, founded in Munich in 1935 and now based in Bolzano, has been striving to develop the perfect equipment for mountain athletes since its birth.

In cooperation with top athletes, the team at the sports equipment manufacturer researches innovative materials. These make life easier for enthusiastic hikers, skiers and mountaineers. This is also the ambition of the New Zealand company Icebreaker - according to its own information, the world's largest manufacturer of functional underwear made of merino wool. Since the developers are practically at the source of the coveted wool (New Zealand is one of the largest merino wool producers in the world), they know about the advantages of this material and how to process it.

Freezing and uncomfortable wear are definitely a thing of the past with Icebreaker. However, Salewa and Icebreaker only serve as examples here for a multitude of dedicated companies such as Odlo, The North Face, Peak Performance or Craft. They are all represented in our ski underwear store with their sophisticated products. And all of them ultimately pursue the same goal: to give their customers a pleasant time on the mountain and on the boards.

Ski underwear shop at Keller Sports

Whether you are a fan of bright ski underwear, prefer classic colours and whether you prefer synthetic fabrics or merino wool: in the ski underwear shop at Keller Sports we offer you a huge selection of ski vests and ski trousers from countless premium brands. You can buy the functional shirts and trousers individually or simply order a ski underwear set consisting of a top and pants online. We also have functional boxer shorts on offer. Order your warm companion for your winter holiday with just a few clicks. You can also regularly benefit from great discount offers on our ski underwear. Even better, you can combine them with our popular premium discount.



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