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A skier needs good skis, ski boots, ski poles, snowproof clothing, a ski helmet and, of course, gloves. These should not restrict freedom of movement, but should allow the ski poles to be used safely. The gloves will keep your sensitive fingers nice and warm even in the deepest sub-zero temperatures, so you won't lose any unnecessary energy through your limbs. You can concentrate exclusively on skiing and enjoy your sport with all your senses. Modern ski gloves are cut in such a way that they are soft and comfortable on your skin. They are made of an elastic material that follows your every movement and encloses your wrist close to the body, yet softly.


Roughly speaking, winter sports gloves can be divided into two categories: finger gloves and mittens. In the former, the fabric encloses each individual finger and keeps it pleasantly warm. The advantage of finger gloves is optimal mobility of the individual fingers. Mittens enclose your fingers in their entirety. This means that the fingers, with the exception of the thumb, are not separated from each other individually, but are all surrounded by a warm shell. Because the individual limbs lie close together, they warm each other and less body heat is lost. Since the thumb is separate and opposite the fingers, gripping the ski pole is no problem. In addition, there are models, called lobsters, with three compartments: one for the thumb, the second for the index finger and the third for the remaining three limbs.


To keep your fingers warm all the time while skiing, it is important to buy ski gloves in the right size. Determining your own glove size is not difficult in principle, but it is more for orientation. Many brands have developed their own sizing system for gloves, which is why it is essential to try them on before the first descent.

The decisive size for gloves is the hand width or circumference. The easiest way to measure this is with a tape measure. Put the tape around your hand so that it is just below the ball of your fingers and above the base of your thumb. This is usually the widest part of your hand. The safest way to make sure is to check the sizing system of the respective brand. The circumference in cm is the reference size.


Basically, ski gloves are made up of three elements, each with their own benefits and therefore their own requirements. These are the three aspects that make up a ski glove:

  • Membrane: The outermost layer of the ski glove is designed to repel the wet and cold from the outside and, in parallel, to be breathable. It also protects against injuries. Therefore, it must be robust and very functional. Various gloves use the GORE-TEX membrane to achieve just that. But there are also models with a similar, functional membrane.
  • Insulation: As the name suggests, the purpose of insulation is to warm and keep the hands warm. To do this, the layer must be soft, warming and breathable. Apart from that, the insulation must also provide good moisture management so that the glove cannot get soaked with moisture from the inside or outside.
  • Palm: The palm of a ski glove is responsible for comfort and grip. Leather or synthetic leather is often used for this, as it is soft and has a good grip. Depending on whether they are finger gloves or mittens, the material can vary.

As you can see from the elements, ski gloves are made of different fibres and materials. Still popular are the gloves made of genuine leather as a classic. The natural material is robust, breathable and kind to the skin. Innovative high-tech fabrics are increasingly being used in glove production. These are based on synthetic fibres and increase the functionality of the accessories. The special textiles have a water-repellent to waterproof surface that dries quickly and still allows good air circulation and excellent moisture exchange. Numerous models are also made from a mix of materials. Natural raw materials are combined with high-quality synthetic fibres. Details made of stretchy neoprene and synthetic leather are also common. Especially in the palm area, synthetic leather inserts provide a better grip.

In addition, high-quality models offer sophisticated systems to adjust the glove to your hand. Electronic devices are becoming increasingly popular in winter sports. The right ski gloves allow you to operate touchscreens, so you don't have to take off your gloves to operate your smartphone or navigation device. Top models are miniaturised heating power stations: they have a built-in electric heater, powered by the battery.


Many models offer additional practical benefits through special features. These include, for example, easy-to-use Velcro fasteners for individual adjustment of the cuff width at the wrist. Drawstrings and elastic bands ensure an optimal fit. Many gloves also have hooks and eyes for easily clicking the two individual gloves together. This reduces the risk of losing one of your gloves when storing them. Reflective details are important for your safety. They are effective in cloudy conditions or at dusk when they are illuminated.

Ski gloves protect you from the cold and prevent your fingers from cooling down. They are therefore indispensable in cold weather. Apart from that, they also protect you in case of a fall. Stones, ice on the piste or even sharp ski edges can quickly injure your hands. This is reliably prevented by the right gloves. Some ski gloves have a splint on the inside of the hand for additional protection. This prevents the wrist from bending in the event of a fall. Especially when skiing fast on the slopes, such protection is definitely worthwhile.


  • Excellent thermal insulation
  • High freedom of movement
  • Close fit
  • Breathable and skin-friendly
  • Wind and snowproof
  • Quick-drying
  • Robust and easy to care for


Skiing knows no age limit and is not restricted to a certain gender. That's why we at Keller Sports have ski gloves for men, women and children in our well-stocked range. The selection of colours and designs is very diverse, so you can easily find gloves that you can combine perfectly with the rest of your ski clothing. Of course, we keep up with the times. Our range is regularly updated and new models are always available.



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