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Tennis shoes for women

Whether it's a hobby, a casual sport for your free time or more performance-orientated, during a mat ch of tennis your feet and ankles are put under extreme stress. Therefore tennis shoes certainly need good cushioning. Furthermore they need perfect grip, great a stability and durability. Most women would also like to look good on court. They look for a modern and trendy outfit to go with the right shoes. Keller Sports accommodates these demands with pleasure. In the online shop, women can find a wide selection of different tennis shoes. Whether they are classics in sparkling white, plainer shoes or more colourful ones: in our online shop there is the right shoe for every tennis-playing woman, according to your personal taste.

Tennis shoes for every surface

Every tennis player should own at least two pairs of tennis shoes- indoor shoes for the indoor season and outdoor shoes for the summer season. Depending on the surface, the selection of the right sole is the be-all and end-all. Women who play indoor tennis on dull surfaces like carpet, are best advised to go for a shoe with a flat, clear tread. In contrast we recommend using a profiled sole for playing on astroturf or clay. On the one hand they offer enough grip, on the other hand they don't take too much out of the clay court. Women, who primarily play tennis on hard surfaces like concrete, are advised to go for shoes with non-marking soles. These do not leave behind any unpleasant marks on the court. Furthermore, cushioning which is easy on the joints is particularly important. For playing on grass, normal clay court shoes with a medium tread are very suitable. We have all of the above models in our well-arranged online shop. It is worth having a look round more often, because we offer (at regular intervals) individual pairs, end-of-range models and even tennis shoes from the latest collections and for good prices too!

Women's tennis shoes from Keller Sports: light, breathable and fashionable

Despite having perfect stability and good dampening characteristics, tennis shoes are comparatively light sports shoes. The reason for that is their design and lighter and more breathable materials which give your feet some essential grip and provide sufficient ventilation at the same time. To prevent wear and tear, the manufacturers strengthen the material in the most critical areas. Many of the trendy models can easily be worn in the gym or doing other activities. For many women this is a good reason to buy another pair of shoes! Tip: Because feet swell up when it gets hot in the summer, the experts recommend to sporty women to buy shoes half a size bigger.



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