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Tennis shoes for men

Anyone who wants to be successful in tennis needs above all good footwork. For that it is not only personal fitness that is crucial, but also appropriate footwear. Men who want to buy new tennis shoes online should pay attention to three important criteria: stability, quality of the midsole and optimum cushioning. They are particularly solid in the midsole area. Experts often speak in this regard of a "limited torsion of the shoe". That means that a shoe that has been specially designed for tennis can only be rotated with a relatively large force. Men's shoes from the leading manufacturers have a very strong covering in the heel area with special stabilizers.

Tennis shoes for every surface

If you have a long look around our online shop you will see that the qualities of the soles of the tennis shoes range massively. Keller Sports, as a specialist dealer for sports clothes and equipment, offers you both a wide range of tennis footwear with a structured treaded sole and a rich selection of other shoes. Tennis shoes with no tread are most suitable for blunt surfaces, for example carpeted courts in sports and tennis centres. Whereas with a treaded sole it is considerably better to play on clay courts, because good grip is required here. Men who often play on hard courts should turn to shoes with a tread. As long as the tread structure is not too extreme, the player can maintain sufficient grip. Men do not only love grass surfaces for football, for tennis matches grass is a special experience. Here we recommend a mixture of structured and smooth sole, which on the one hand offers sufficient grip, but on the other hand allows good sliding too.

Men's tennis shoes from Keller Sports: light, breathable and stylish

There are men who prefer rather classic clothing for tennis. Some like their clothes to be more stylish. Other men have absolutely nothing against standing out from the crowd or attracting attention with their outfit. Keller Sports has a wide range of appropriate shoes for any preference and for every outfit. The selection ranges from low-cost shoes all the way to sophisticated, highly technical shoes with innovative cushioning systems. Whether it's classic white or garish colours: just like women, men are obviously spoilt for choice regarding fashion and style. Browse our online shop in peace and quiet. You will potentially hit the jackpot with our reduced offers and immediately order a few more pairs of shoes. We will deliver your favourite products to your house for free, while you can benefit from our customer-friendly service.



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