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Indoor surfaces made of soft carpet require a shoe with no tread, which allows for easy sliding and thus quick responsiveness. Shoes with a pronounced tread could easily get caught in the carpet and slow you down. You should also make sure that the sole of your indoor tennis shoe is colourless and does not leave unsightly streaks on the indoor floor. If you want to be on the safe side, you can easily do an abrasion test and run the sole of your indoor tennis shoe over the floor before your first match. By the way, indoor shoes are compulsory in many halls anyway, as you can easily carry dirt into the hall with clay court tennis shoes.


If you play outdoors in summer, you need shoes with completely different characteristics. Here, the focus is on grip and durability. Clay court tennis shoes therefore usually have a sole with a robust herringbone tread. However, the sole should also allow for a controlled glide so that you have no problem reaching your opponent's balls. Some clay court tennis shoes are also reinforced in the toe area to protect the sensitive area and increase the durability of the shoes. Reinforced sides also ensure that you can enjoy your clay court tennis shoes for a long time despite frequent slipping. Of course, you can also choose shoes with a special all-court sole that offers optimal grip and glide on all surfaces.

If you often play on grass courts, you should make sure that the outsole of your tennis shoe is as flat as possible so that it does not damage the grass. However, the sole should offer sufficient grip, as grass courts can also become slippery due to dew or heavy wear.


Because of the high stress to which your feet, knees and joints are subjected when playing tennis, good cushioning is essential in tennis shoes. Cushioning is achieved, for example, by air cushions in the heel. However, modern cushioning systems also absorb the stress in the midfoot and forefoot. At the same time, the cushioning of the shoe should not be too soft so that you always have a good feel for the ground and the risk of twisting your ankle does not increase. Since you often change direction quickly when playing tennis, your tennis shoes should also offer sufficient stability, especially in the midfoot area, and be able to twist as little as possible at the shoe axis. Otherwise you run the risk of twisting your ankle or injuring it.

Whether you are looking for a shoe with strong cushioning, high stability or low weight: at Keller Sports you can easily find the perfect shoe for you. You can define your requirements in the optimised search bar and then receive the right selection of the best tennis shoes. Our advice team will also be happy to provide you with help and advice via chat or email - regardless of whether you are looking for tennis shoes for men, women or children.



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