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Set yourself up to win the next match with the perfect tennis clothes

The classic tennis clothes look has been white for a long time. When Boris Becker held the coveted Wimbledon trophy in his hands for the first time in 1985, he was clad in white. Since then they have started appearing in various colours - they´re even allowed at the international Wimbledon! Put world-class players with fashion designers and their unique new collections soon start off trends in the world of tennis. The court has been a type of catwalk for a while now. At the beginning of the 20th Century tennis clothes looked very much like casual clothes and they were difficult to tell apart. At the time men played in long pants, ladies chased the ball in long skirts and dresses - you can´t get more uncomfortable than that! Today tennis clothes are much more movement-friendly and innovative materials create excellent an environment for the body. At Keller Sports you can order the latest fashion conveniently online and rely on the advice of our tennis clothes experts!

Play the perfect match with the right tennis clothing

Of course appearance is not the most important thing about tennis clothes, functionality is, especially when a match demands durability and breathability of your tennis gear. All manufacturers have developed special climate technologies for their products which provide an ideal moisture balance: Perspiration is drawn away from the skin by the special fibers of tennis clothing so the skin remains cool and dry. Thanks to the air circulation you ensure an optimal temperature which will allow you to concentrate fully on the game. Many types of tennis clothes also protect against harmful UV rays. Getting the perfect fit will also help you during the game. If you shop at Keller Sports you will find this and much more at great prices!

Order tennis clothes with the experts

Keller Sports offers a wide selection of attractive tennis clothing. To choose the right clothes cheaply and conveniently online, we offer you a very special expert service: with our special Product Matching Engine KSPME ® you will find sportswear that suits all your individual needs. Not only do you benefit from our expertise, but from great deals too! There are many reduced items and products on sale, not to mention the fast, cheap shipping! If you have questions about any tennis clothing, simply contact our expert chat.

The ideal tennis clothes for your next match

A light training jacket or hoodie combined with some long pants can be very useful until you´re warmed up properly. After a few powerful shots, put the warm clothes away and leave them in your bag. At this stage men can change into some comfortable shorts, while ladies can swap their pants for stylish skirts or dresses. To complete the perfect style, top it off with a lightweight top, shirt or polo, depending on the weather. On cooler days it may be wiser to opt for a long-sleeved top, a jacket or a vest. The longest tennis match at Wimbledon took about 11 hours - even if you're not playing that long, you should most definitely take some alternative tennis clothes along with you. It´s always a good idea to change clothes in the middle of an exciting game, because you can only win if you feel fully comfortable on the court; and that doesn´t only apply to clothes, the perfect fitting shoes are also essential. In our online shop you can find tennis shoes for all courts, so you can be comfortable and stable throughout the game. Adequate damping is also important because your knee joints come under a lot of pressure during a match, so your shoes can help relieve the strain. Breathability is also essential not only in clothes, but in shoes too. Feet covered in perspiration are uncomfortable and can lead to loss of stability! In this context, the tennis socks play a central role; in order to avoid painful blisters after a long match, the socks should neither press nor rub, they need to fit perfectly! Good tennis socks draw the moisture towards the outer layer of the fabric and give your foot additional stability. With additional accessories such as a towel and sweatbands (all of which you can order at Keller Sports), you are perfectly equipped for your next match!


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