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With the development of the world?s first expanded thermoplastic polyurethane, leading chemical firm BASF has succeeded in creating a completely new, close-celled particle foam: Infinergy?. Thermoplastic polyurethane is mainly used because of its low weight, its high resilience and its wide temperature range, so it?s perfect for making sports products. BASF and adidas have worked in close collaboration to explore the possibilities of TPU as a potential cushioning material in sports shoes. BOOST is the first technology in the world to be made of revolutionary Infinergy? material.


Running shoes and other sports shoes all have their cushioning in the midsole. This element is designed to absorb kinetic energy during landings and return as much of it as possible during push-off. All of this happens in every stride and takes just a few milliseconds. This means that the cushioning is one of the most important parts of a running shoe, as a good quality midsole will help you run for longer. BOOST is a technology built into the midsole to make it practically tireless. Being lighter and more mouldable than the conventional cushioning material, rubber, BOOST guarantees lightness and elasticity. The more elastic the material, the better its cushioning properties.


Inflated, fixed TPU granules in countless little capsules are what gives BOOST material its characteristic honeycomb structure. 2,500 of these tiny beads are then compressed into a midsole mould. Each one of these capsules is compressed during the landing phase of a stride so that it then springs back into shape during push-off. This process is what gives runners a literal power BOOST in every stride, as the midsole returns energy in every gait cycle. One thing that makes the beads so special is their ability to retain their shape - after the longest runs and toughest workouts, you?ll still enjoy the full benefits of BOOST.


The first model with BOOST technology was the Energy Boost running shoe. Since then, the revolutionary midsole has been built into almost every adidas running shoe. Ultraboost, Solar Boost, Adizero, Pure Boost - all of these BOOST-powered models have been tried and tested by runners of every experience level. BOOST combines with several different adidas technologies to cater to every type of foot out there. Soon after the invention of BOOST, adidas realised that its usefulness need not only be applied to running but could also be useful on the tennis court, during hikes or for indoor sports. BOOST provides energy and comfort during every part of an active lifestyle: this honeycomb sole is now included in lifestyle shoes and trainer models too.


  • Lightweight comfort
  • Tireless energy return
  • Unique look


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