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Sports equipment: from must-have to useful helper

Sports equipment serves as a generic term for many different products. Some are specifically tailored for use in individual sports, others are more versatile. While, for example, skis, ski boots, ski helmets and bicycle helmets are obligatory for practising the respective sport, there are other practical helpers such as filter drinking bottles, sports watches and other gadgets. They can be used in different sports and even make your everyday life easier. When it comes to safety clothing, many sports focus on protecting the head. While in the past only a few ski or bike helmets could be found on the slopes or trails of this world, they are now indispensable equipment. Thanks to constant research, helmets are no longer perceived as annoying, clunky headgear, but are nowadays equally protective, stylish and comfortable to wear. In terms of safety, however, the focus is not only on protecting the head. The upper body and leg area also receive the best possible protection with the right protectors made of innovative and extremely stable materials. At first glance, ski and bike goggles can be seen as fashion accessories, but they also have an important protective function. Ski goggles ensure glare-free vision when skiing downhill and protect the eyes from harmful UV radiation, snow and wind through highly developed filter technology. Cycling goggles also protect against insects and dirt particles getting into the eye. Less protective, but extremely useful, are sports watches, cycle computers or drinking bottles with a filter function. The latter remove pollutants from the water collected during long hikes or camping trips and turn it into drinking or cooking water.

High-quality sports equipment makes your adventure safer

Whether you're a big player in the industry or a small specialist manufacturer, sports equipment manufacturers have made it their mission to make your life as an athlete more enjoyable and safer. Teams that meticulously research new technologies and carry out elaborate tests create real premium products with their work. The Swedish brand POC, for example, has dedicated itself to the topic of safety and is constantly researching innovations such as the multi-impact EPP liner and robust outer materials. The result is high-quality ski and bike helmets in many different designs that are tailored exactly to your preferences. POC also knows how to convince in the field of goggles and protectors. The same applies to the US company Giro, which has also made a name for itself worldwide with high-tech quality helmets and goggles.

Sports watches and smartwatches

In sport, the topic of digitalisation is also becoming more and more present. Sport watches that optimise your performance thanks to heart rate measurement, virtual running coach, recognition of training intensity, measurement of sleep quality and GPS integration. Speaking of digital training optimisation: with the help of smartwatches from renowned manufacturers, you not only have the possibility to record and improve your training, but—thanks to the latest navigation innovations—also the guarantee that you will never lose your way.

Sports equipment at a glance

Sports glasses are used especially for cycling and skiing. They protect your eyes from UV radiation, snow and wind and—in terms of biking—from dirt and insects.

Sports helmets protect your head for speed sports like biking and skiing on trails and slopes. They should always be part of your equipment. Over the course of time, the wearing comfort has been greatly improved by strategically placed ventilation slits and the weight has been enormously reduced by optimising the materials. By the way, helmets from POC, Giro and others increase your style factor immensely.

Sports watches are the computer for your wrist. Your companion who gives you advice. Sport watches help you optimise your training, measure your heart rate, suggest rest times and also know how to impress as a navigator thanks to GPS.

Drinking bottles are available in various designs. Are you on a challenging hike or setting up camp in the wilderness? Filter drinking bottles guarantee that you always have clean drinking water available. Drinking bottles without filters and flask drinking bottles are of course also useful aids for all outdoor sports.

Sports equipment at Keller Sports

Whether it's skis, ski boots, helmets, goggles, sports watches or water bottles—here you'll find exactly the sports equipment that will make you better all the time. Order your desired products from countless premium manufacturers conveniently online and benefit from our regular offers and discount campaigns. Of course, you can also combine these with your premium discount. The Keller Sports newsletter keeps you up to date with all the latest offers.



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