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Running shoes for women - women can find their ideal shoes at Keller Sports

Running specialists are no friends of clich├ęs. Light blue for boys and pink for girls are certainly no criteria on which to distinguish running shoes for men and for women. However the colour may well play a big role in the marketing strategies of a company. It is completely different when it comes down to the shape. Because a women's foot is usually narrower, you can see the differences between a male and female running shoe. This is assuming that the female foot is thinner in the heel and is comparatively wider (than a male foot) at the front of the foot. This means they are manufactured differently. Furthermore the equipment of a women's shoe is different to that of a man. The tissue and the ligaments of a woman are looser and more flexible, so more emphasis is placed on the stability and support of a female shoe, especially with regard to the sensitive parts. Women's running shoes have a softer sole, because although we cannot talk of a weaker sex, we can assume that on average a woman is lighter than a man.

How to find the right shoe

Another point is that women have a different running style to men. Their body follows other movement patterns, because they have different biomechanics. That does not mean that women are more easily injured than men, but that they have other signs of wear - and this needs to be prevented. Even the difference in hormones adds to the individual running behavior in running: the preload of the foot of women varies with the oestrogen levels in the blood. Therefore women need a different midsole in their running shoes, which provide a corresponding buffer zone. Of course all these figures are only averages and it isn't always the case that a female runner should buy women's running shoes instead of men's running shoes, especially if they fit well. It is best to have an analysis of your running and to get some advice based on that. Then you can order the pair of shoes which fit you the best online for a great price at Keller Sports.