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The biggest advantages of a running vest

The weather is not only capricious in April. Even in summer you can suddenly find yourself standing in the rain or the wind blows rudely in your face. This is particularly unpleasant when jogging, because a break from running has considerable disadvantages in terms of training success. In such a case, it is good to wear a light and warm running vest that guarantees full freedom of movement.

  • Warmth but also cooling: running vests are warm enough to protect the muscles from cooling down. But at the same time breathable enough to prevent overheating. Vests also offer good weather protection.
  • Low weight: Basically, vests convince by their light weight. Some models are practically invisible on the body - and they fit into any backpack as a backup garment.

Running vests: Which materials are there?

Innovative functional textiles are often used for the production of running vests, just as for running pants und running jackets im running-range. These synthetic fibres are wind- and water-repellent, but at the same time breathable and highly insulating. They let the moisture out, but keep the rain away from you and dry again quickly. Special impregnations even make it possible to produce completely waterproof and windproof running vests. Both polyester and natural materials such as down are used as fillings for the premium running vests.

What characteristics does a running vest have?

When buying a running vest online, it is important to consider certain details to find the perfect model for you. In our running vest shop we therefore offer models from the best brands and with the following important features:

  • With/without pocket(s): If you would like to take some money, your house key or other items with you, a vest with sealed zip pockets is recommended.
  • With/without hood: A variant of the running vest is the running hoodie. This is a sleeveless hooded jacket. The hood protects in strong winds and can be adjusted with a cord.
  • Reflectors: Reflective elements increase your safety when jogging at night, at dusk and in dull weather.
  • Breathability: Laser-cut perforations on some models provide extra breathability.
  • Moisture transport: Many running vests are equipped with the properties of classic functional clothing, so that moisture is quickly transported away, while the body remains pleasantly warm and dry and the running vest does not soak up sweat.

How should a running vest fit?

Like the rest of the running equipment, running vests are cut close to the body and yet elastic. They nestle softly to your body. Pay special attention to the fit of your running vest: it should fit tightly so that it does not disturb and flutter when running - this way less wind can penetrate. However, it should not restrict your freedom of movement. Simple test: move your arms in all directions and let them rotate once. The vest should not slip uncomfortably or pinch anywhere. For extra comfort, running vests are available with elastic side inserts and stretchy cuffs.

The best running vest for every season

Running vests for the winter

A warming running vest is suitable for the winter. The lined or quilted models convince with their low weight. In order to prevent cold air from entering your body, practically all models in our running vest shop are cut rather tightly and have a high-closing stand-up collar. The most sensitive areas, such as chest and back, are padded to prevent you from cooling down while running.

Running vests for the summer

Even lighter and not quite as warm are the summer vests. Ventilation inserts and other ventilation systems as well as moisture-regulating materials ensure that you don't break out in a sweat so quickly and stay nice and dry even during physical exertion. For extra breathability, some models include laser-cut perforations as standard.

Running vests for the transition period

For cold and wet spring and autumn days, a vest is suitable that protects you optimally against wind and weather. This is made possible by modern functional materials such as GoreTex and Sympatex, which are highly waterproof. In addition, taped seams ensure that water cannot penetrate the jacket.

How (often) do you wash running vests?

You should always wash premium functional wear such as running vests separately from other textiles and also pay attention to the colour sorting. Always turn your running vests inside out when washing, close velcro straps and zippers carefully. This minimizes the abrasion of the outer functional layers. It is best to use the gentle wash cycle or the wool washing program of your washing machine and do not spin-dry. If you do, do so at a maximum of 600 revolutions. Under no circumstances should you use fabric softener, as it will settle in the fabric and block the pores that ensure breathability. Vests with down filling must also be treated with a special down detergent.

The best running vests at Keller Sports

Buy running vests online: At Keller Sports you will find a large selection of high-quality running vests for men and women from top brands. Whether running vests from New Balance, ASICS, GORE Wear, Nike, Odlo or ON Running. They are all powerful companions for your training. In our running vest sale, premium models are also often available at especially attractive prices in our online shop.



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