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The biggest advantages of running shirts

As a high-quality material, cotton is ideal for everyday use. When you are running, it absorbs moisture and increases in weight the more you sweat. In addition, the wet fabric sticks to the body, which can therefore cool down. Premium running shirts on the other hand have special mesh inserts that improve ventilation. Above all, they are made of functional materials such as polyester. These synthetic fibres absorb twenty times less moisture than cotton and also actively conduct it to the outside. This prevents unpleasant sticking and keeps the weight down. Because even when dry, running shirts are significantly lighter than their cotton counterparts.

Running shirts: What materials are there?

Breathability is decisive. That is why running shirts do not commit themselves to a polyester fabric. In fact almost every brand has its own innovative technology. For example adidas running shirts rely on ClimaCool®, which actively cools the body even at higher temperatures. Gore-Tex®, on the other hand, keeps water and wind away from the body while remaining breathable. Basically, the microfibres are mostly made of polyester and polyamide. The production process is also crucial. It determines the texture of the fabric and thus how elastic, insulating, comfortable and breathable it is. Running shirts for lower temperatures also have warming wool components. To optimize the fit, many manufacturers also use elastane in their shirts.

What characteristics does a running shirt have?

Running shirts serve your performance. moisture transport. wearing comfort. ergonomics. All decisive factors. Anti-odor technologies protect against too intense odors. But functional clothing can do even more:

  • Breathability of running shirts: essence number one of running shirts. Special microfibres ensure that the exchange of air is always right.
  • Moisture transport: Essence number two of the running shirt. Sweat does not remain in the shirt. The material transports it to the outside and ensures a constant body temperature.
  • Long sleeves, short sleeves, without sleeves: You choose the cut according to your temperature and your needs. For colder days, choose longer sleeves, on warmer days longer sleeves and running shirts without sleeves. There is also the normal T-shirt cut version.
  • With and without pocket(s): For longer runs or the marathon, there are functional shirts with one or more pockets in which you can store snacks or your smartphone.
  • Collar? Zipper? To protect your neck from the cold, there are running shirts with high collars. You remain flexible if the model also has a zipper.
  • Thumb hole: Your hands need protection in the cold. Some long-sleeved running shirts have thumb holes that allow you to cover part of the back of your hand.
  • Thermal running shirts: Perfect for colder days. Thanks to their thermal and wool content, thermal running shirts keep the body warm even in cold weather without losing breathability.

How should a running shirt fit?

Basically you decide. Everything is allowed, wide as well as narrow. At the same time, tight-fitting running shirts reduce air resistance and do not flutter in the wind. But they should not be so close to your body that they restrict your movement. On the other hand, the functional shirt can provide support, even through compression.

The best running shirt for every season

The material of a running shirt only regulates the body temperature to a certain degree. Equally important are the external conditions. That's why you can find the right premium running shirt for every season online at Keller Sports:

Running shirts for the winter

Long sleeves, possibly with a thumb hole, form the base. In addition, the winter running shirt is based on a thermo-functional fabric. Over your running shirt you put on a running sweater and running jacket. The layers lie close together to prevent moisture build-up.

Running shirts for the summer

Thin. Light. Possibly without sleeves. In summer, breathability and moisture transport are decisive. Mesh inserts improve the air circulation of the shirt. There are also models with increased UV resistance to protect against strong sunlight.

Running shirts for the transition period

Again, you are primarily looking for breathability, but normally wear short sleeves. If it freshens up, an additional running vest is suitable to keep the torso warm.

How (often) do I wash running shirts?

Basically you should wash your running shirt after every run. If the pile of laundry is not enough, wash it by hand with cold water to remove sweat residue. You look at the washing label for the machine. Microfibres often tolerate a maximum of 30 degrees, plus only special detergents for sportswear. To wash, turn your running shirt inside out and select the synthetic washing program with low rotation speed. Instead of tumble drying, you air dry functional underwear.

Running shirts at Keller Sports

You can find running shirts in different cuts, for different conditions, with different additional features - and at Keller Sports you will find different brands. Our running shirt store offers the best brands like Nike, ASICS, adidas, Under Armour, ON or New Balance. In addition, you can order the matching running jacket for men and women online at the running shirt sale at very attractive prices.



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