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Extra weight is only a nuisance, which directly rules out your rain jacket for the run. Our premium running jackets, available to order online at Keller Sports, are pleasantly light, but still offer protection from the elements:

Function of a running jacket: The upper body cools down quickly when running. Unless you wear a running jacket. A running jacket is made of polyester or polymaid microfibres, is breathable and wicks moisture and unneeded heat to the outside. At the same time, it insulates you against wind and cold and is also waterproof.

Warmth & visibility: You determine the level of insulation. There are running jackets for warmer and colder days. For the latter, you will find top models with padding, hoods and high collars. In addition, there are membranes that increase water- and wind-repellent properties. Functional wool components can also be incorporated and keep you warm. In addition, many running jackets have important reflectors that greatly increase your safety when running in the dark.


There is a suitable jacket for every temperature and every run. Whenever you're heading out on the road or trail, you'll find the right extra layer for your outfit at Keller Sports.

  • Fleece running jackets: When the temperatures drop, you want warmth. Fleece provides just that. Just be aware that the material lets air through relatively unchecked and therefore offers less protection on windy days. Fleece is also not breathable or water-repellent.
  • Softshell jackets: Additional warmth with high breathability and low weight. Softshell jackets make your run easier on cooler, dry days. This is because the material does not repel water. But there are models with membranes that also protect you against wind and moisture. Since soft shell is more elastic than hard shell, the running jacket also adapts better to your movements.
  • Windbreaker: The running window of windbreakers is not particularly large. They protect you from the wind. At the same time, however, they lack breathability.
  • Rain jackets: Water doesn't stand a chance. This is ensured by the impregnated synthetic fibres, which at the same time significantly inhibit breathability. This is why rain jackets are only suitable for running when the sky opens its floodgates particularly wide.


GORE-TEX. Merino. PrimaLoft. The choice of materials for the best running jackets adapts to your needs. Each type has its advantages.

  • Plastic-free jackets: Some brands now offer functional jackets in which no plastic has been used, despite the synthetic materials. However, it is more common to use completely or largely recycled plastic to make yarns for the jackets. Breathability and function are retained.
  • Merino: Functional jackets are not made entirely of merino wool. But there are both softshell and hardshell running jackets with a merino layer under the membrane. The wool counteracts odour, keeps you warm and regulates your body temperature. It cools in the heat and warms in the cold, and is also easy to care for.
  • GORE-TEX: The winning duo of every running jacket, every GORE-TEX membrane makes your equipment waterproof and also windproof. It also remains breathable and is easy to care for.
  • PrimaLoft: The lighter the running jacket, the better. PrimaLoft synthetic fibres add very little to the weight, but still insulate effectively. They repel water, remain breathable and provide pleasant warmth.


Every running jacket should be breathable. It should also protect you from wind and water. There are also various functions such as reflectors, hood, pockets and additional thermal layers:

  • The sleeves: The traditional running jacket has long sleeves. But there are versions that you can turn into a running waistcoat in seconds with the help of two zips.
  • With/without pocket(s): Smartphone and keys should inevitably be with you on the run. That's why most running jackets have practical pockets in which you can stow everything.
  • Collar? Zip? Hood? On cold days you also like to protect your head. Some functional jackets come with a hood and a zip that you pull up under your chin. Lighter models, on the other hand, don't need a high collar.
  • Thumb hole: Gloves are too warm, the temperatures too low for hands without protection. That's why there are running jackets with thumbholes. This warms the back of the hand and the pulse.
  • Breathability: Only good air circulation prevents heat build-up under the jacket and keeps the body temperature constant. Warming running jackets can also do this. Look at the RET value. If it is below six, the jacket is particularly breathable.
  • Moisture transport: Wet fabric sticks and lets the body cool down. Functional fabrics in running jackets therefore transport moisture to the outside and keep the skin drier.
  • Thermal jackets: Thermal and (merino) wool provide additional warmth for winter runs while maintaining breathability.
  • Reflectors: Short days, dark runs. No problem. Many running jackets have sewn-on reflectors that keep you visible at dusk or in the dark.
  • Waterproof and windproof: The water column tells you how much water your running jacket can keep out. From 800 mm it is water-repellent, from 1,400 mm waterproof. Sealed seams and membranes that also protect against wind increase the effect.


Not too wide and never too tight. Your functional jacket should fit over your running shirt in such a way that a warming air cushion can form in between. It should still be body-hugging. That way it not only adapts better to your movements, but also doesn't flap against the wind. If the jacket has additional slits at the back and under the arms, this improves air circulation, while reflectors increase visibility in the dark.


The question is not if, but how you start your run dressed. You'll find the right jacket for summer, winter and the transitional season in our running jacket sale anyway.

Running jackets for winter

Thicker functional fibres, plus warming wool inserts made of thermal material or merino. Fleece is also used. A climate membrane ensures the right body climate. The functional jacket for winter keeps out cold and moisture and is windproof. Some models have a separate inner lining that has an insulating effect.

Running jackets for summer

In winter, heat retention dominates, in summer breathability. Therefore, the jacket draws perspiration outwards and has ventilation slits under the armpits and at the back. If it is also water-repellent, rain will not get in the way of your run.

Running jackets for the transitional season

Breathability and windproofness are important. The jacket should also be water-repellent. As it may still be a bit warmer, models with detachable sleeves are also suitable for spring or autumn.


Washing a functional jacket after every run is unnecessary, even counterproductive. This only affects the function. If the jacket does need to be washed, use the gentle cycle, liquid detergent and close all zips. Also follow the care instructions on the label, especially the maximum washing temperature. Fresh air is sufficient for drying. To reactivate the impregnation, Gore also recommends placing its products in the tumble dryer for 20 minutes at low speed after air drying.


For every weather. For every season. For women as well as for men. At Keller Sports you'll find exactly the running jacket you need online from the best brands in the industry. Nike is represented as well as Adidas and ASICS. You can get New Balance running jackets, The North Face, Gore Wear, as well as Swiss premium products from ON and easily order your equipment online. Keller Sports also offers you special offers in the running jacket sale.



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