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The perfect running gear

A hoodie is quite simply just a jumper with a hood. This handy hooded jumper became fashionable as sports wear in the 1970s and remains popular to this day. Running hoodies are designed for open air sports and so are completely compatible for the outdoors. They keep you nice and warm in autumn, spring and cooler weather. Keller Sports stocks long-sleeved and short-sleeved versions.

The special thing about a running hoodie

Hoodies for runners are perfectly tailored to your sport. They ensure maximum freedom of movement through their special shape and design. Some designs have a gusset in the armpit area. Close-fitting hoodies feel soft and supple against your skin. They adapt perfectly to the contour of your body and are particularly light. Some running hoodies have a full or half-zip sewn in to make them easier to put on and take off. Warm thermal hoodies are also available for winter.

It's all down to the material

Women's running hoodies consist of different materials depending on the model. Fleece hoodies are particularly warm. Both natural and synthetic fibres are used. Cotton and natural wool are skin-friendly and breathable but retain moisture. Synthetic materials have water-resistant properties and are fast-drying but are not always breathable. Manufacturers of running hoodies therefore often use high-quality mixed fabrics. Modern functional textiles ensure that you remain dry even while sweating heavily. Special microfibres are climate-regulating, ventilating and waterproof and windproof.

The bonus of functionality

You'll find simple running hoodies for women as well as models with special details in our online shop. Zip-up pockets are a handy feature for example. You can safely carry your house keys or valuables on you while running. Useful extra features include reflective elements. These make you visible to motorists and other road users in the dark. This significantly increases your safety. In some models the size of the hood can be adjusted using a cord. There are running hoodies specially designed for women fitted with a special hood to accommodate ponytails. These hoodies have a hole on the back of the hood to fit your ponytail. A high collar is often a feature of many hoodies. If you want extra warmth you are best off choosing a running hoodie with turn-back cuffs and thumb loops. These provides additional warmth for the wrists.

The advantages and disadvantages of running hoodies

As a runner you'll benefit from the many advantages hoodies have to offer. There are however a few drawbacks.


  • practical hood
  • versatile
  • gentle on skin
  • breathable
  • excellent moisture transport
  • temperature-regulating
  • excellent comfort
  • low in weight


  • hood can sometimes be disruptive
  • not as warm as traditional jackets
  • often not waterproof

Buy great running hoodies for women now

You can't go wrong with a hoodie. This sporty garment is a reliable running accessory and provides many benefits for leisure activities. They fit easily in every backpack and so you'll always have it to hand if needed. Running hoodies also have benefits in terms of appearance. These figure-hugging jumpers have a casual yet racy design. Benefit from a wide range of choice at Keller Sports.


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