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Running hoodies at Keller Sports

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Modern running hoodies offer excellent functionality based on sophisticated technology. Manufacturers are always introducing new innovations onto the market and are always improving their products. Nowadays, running hoodies are perfect for outdoor activities with excellent thermal properties despite their low weight.

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62 Recommendations


Jumper with pratical hood

It's been more than 40 years since athletes first discovered the hoodie. Back in the day, these hoodies had a number of weak points unlike those produced today. They used to get wet quickly from rain and sweat. Over the decades renowned sports fashion manufacturers have experimenting more and more with new fibres. Innovative technologies were used that provided much greater functionality. Anyone who wears a hoodie for training now will benefit from excellent thermal regulation and moisture management.

A well-thought-out design

A modern running hoodie based on sophisticated design Specially developed for running, hoodies allow maximum freedom of movement despite their close-fitting design. The material feels loose and light against your skin and adapts perfectly to your body shape. Hoodies with and without zips are available. A running hoodie with a full zip can be used just like a jacket. Some designs feature a high, closed collar to protect your throat from cold drafts. You can order thermal hoodies made from warming materials for particularly cold days from Keller Sports. Hoodies with textured inner lining are recommended for winter.

Innovative materials for even more functionality

Training hoodies consists of a functional, high-quality material. Pure cotton jumpers are rarely produced for running nowadays. Although cotton is extremely supple and breathable it absorbs too much moisture without transporting it away. Hoodies are therefore usually made from a blend of synthetic materials or microfibres. As a result of special technologies and well-thought-out blends, textiles are produced that have outstanding properties. The special material regulates moisture, dries quickly in the air and is also breathable. There are also water-resistant and windproof hoodies.

Pay attention to detail!

If you're looking to purchase a running hoodie from Keller Sports you should first consider the design features. There are often little details that can offer you significantly more comfort. For example, if you often run at dusk then it's worth choosing a running hoodie with reflective details. If your wrists are prone to freezing then opt for a hoodie with thumb loops and turn-back cuffs. Practical zip-up pockets also offer huge benefits. They allow you to carry your valuables on you whilst you're running. Women with ponytails may prefer a mdoel with a special hole in the hood for long hair.

Even running hoodies have their advantages and disadvantages

Hoodies are like many things in life: they have their good and bad sides although the positives of hoodies far outweigh the negatives.


  • hood with or without high collar
  • can be used outside of sport
  • reflective details on many models
  • breathable
  • temperature-regulating
  • gentle on skin
  • moisture-regulating
  • comfortable to wear
  • lightweight


  • hood can sometimes be disruptive
  • insulation not as good as a winter jacket
  • some models are not waterproof

Get yourself a hoodie!

Whether long-sleeved, short-sleeved or sleeveless and worn over a jumper: running hoodies are always handy for ambitious runners. Running hoodies are light and fold up small to fit in any backpack making them the perfect companion for travel and leisure. Be amazed by the wide range on offer at Keller Sports and choose the colour, design and style for you. Don't forget to pay attention to the small but important details.