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Material and cut are decisive for running wear

Running has long been one of the most popular sports. More and more ambitious runners want to practice the sport as professionally as possible, whether they are in the city or in nature.Gone are the days when runners only paid attention to what "trainers" they were wearing. Nowadays we know what the right material and the right cut of running clothes can make all the difference.

Running clothes: What do you need?

To make sure that nothing scratches or sticks during your run, you will find selected running equipment from top brands in the Keller Sports running shop. We offer the right clothing, which is exactly tailored to the needs of runners, no matter if you are a hobby or professional runner.

  • Running shirts: A running shirt should fit as tight as possible to the body so that moisture can be absorbed by the fabric and conducted to the outside. Mesh inserts provide improved breathability, windproof membranes on the front protect against wind.
  • Running jackets: When it's really cold or rainy outside, a functional jacket offers optimum protection and is wind and water repellent. Reflectors help to be seen in the dark.
  • Running vests: They keep the middle of the body warm without restricting arm movement. Combined with long-sleeved shirts, running vests can also be used at low temperatures.
  • Running hoodies: The warm sweaters are made of a soft material that lies comfortably on your skin and protects you optimally against cold.
  • Sports bras: Provides sufficient stability and prevents chest pain during movement-intensive sports such as running.
  • Running pants: Whether tights, shorts or three-quarter trousers: running trousers are breathable, quick-drying, often windproof and water-repellent and keep you nice and warm on cold days with a lining.
  • Running socks: Special running socks protect against friction, offer impact protection and, of course, ensure fresh feet thanks to breathable materials.
  • Running accessories: Waistpacks, arm bags or extremely light running backpacks help you to store your smartphone, keys and more.

Why is special running clothing worthwhile?

The best possible equipment for each sport is the one that is specially designed for the specific requirements of the sport. It therefore fulfils a certain function: hence the term functional clothing. In the past, jogging in simple, quickly soaked cotton T-shirts caused you to sweat and then freeze, whereas today there are quick-drying and breathable high-tech running textiles.

  • Functionality: Running textiles must quickly wick sweat away from the body so that you don't freeze in your wet clothes. This purpose is fulfilled by the synthetic chemical fibres (polypropylene, polyester, polyacrylic) of today's running functional clothing, which transport sweat away from the skin and keep it dry and warm.
  • Support for the body: Running clothes with compression also increase blood circulation in important areas such as calves and legs. The tight cut of running tights also prevents you from getting tangled up when running.

Find the right clothing for every season in the Keller Sports shop

Every year autumn, winter and spring bring uncomfortable days and difficult weather conditions. Every day brings a different challenge for the runners who want to do sports outside. Here are our tips on how to get through the different seasons:

Running wear for the winter

This is the most common mistake you can make on a winter run: Dressing too warm after a worried look at the thermometer. For the right running outfit, you should always add 10 degrees to the current temperature, because the body becomes its own thermal power station during the running round.

Running wear for the summer

Good running clothes in summer are characterized by their light weightand by the fact that they do not soak up liquids, but remain dry easily and quickly even after the sweaty training. A cap also helps against UV radiation and high temperatures.

Running clothing for spring/autumn

In the transitional seasons, flexibility is required for running clothing. On mild days a short and a long sleeve are sufficient, the next day winter tight and a thicker running jacket may be required. The rain jacket should always be within reach at this time anyway.

How should running clothes fit?

How do runners say so beautifully? Good running clothing is so comfortable that you don't even feel it. They do not bother you, nor do they rub, pinch or pinch. When buying new running wear, always remember that functional clothing can only fulfil its function properly if it fits properly. If the winter shirt slackens on the skin, for example, the air underneath cannot be heated and the functional chain is interrupted.

How do you care for running wear properly?

In the past, there were no high-tech materials that required special care. So the cotton T-shirt was simply washed with the colored laundry. But it's different today. Modern running wear consists of Lycra, Gore-Tex or Sympatex. Innovative microfibres that fulfil various functions.

Washing: In order to maintain their functionality, running wear should only be washed in a gentle cycle at 30 °C. Fabric softeners and tumble dryers should never be used. A simple trick helps against odours: put the completely dried functional underwear in a plastic bag in the freezer for about 48 hours, then all odour-causing bacteria should be killed.

Running wear in the Keller Sports online shop

At Keller Sports you will find a huge selection of high-quality running clothing for men and women from top brands such as Nike, adidas, ASICS, ON, Under Armour etc. Many of the premium products have been tested by our Keller Sports Pros personally in training or at running events. Do you still have questions about running clothing? In the Keller Sports running shop you can get our friendly advice anytime via live chat, phone or email.

With the help of the search filters in our online shop, you can also easily browse through our range of running wear according to your personal requirements. By the way: You can also find many top products at attractive prices in our sale for running wear.


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