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Nike: Ekiden Pack Nike: Ekiden Pack
Nike: Ekiden Pack
GORE-TEX: Urban Running GORE-TEX: Urban Running
GORE-TEX: Urban Running
Running shoes with carbon fibre plate Running shoes with carbon fibre plate
Running shoes with carbon fibre plate


There's more to running than just mindless jogs around the block. Different distances and speeds - sprints, middle distance and long distance. Mountain runs, trail runs or city runs challenge you in different ways. For passionate runners, competitions present new challenges. Here you measure yourself against others - for example at the biggest marathons in Germany such as the Berlin, Frankfurt or Hamburg marathons. For less trained runners, 10-km city runs or company races are a good opportunity to "compete" against other runners for the first time. Running events such as Wings for Life World Run or Tough Mudder demand team spirit, stamina and mental strength, whereby obstacle runs in the mud add new facets to the sport of running. Different running disciplines - different requirements: Special running shoes and functional clothing are an advantage - find your perfect running outfit in our running online shop.


In the Keller Sports Running Store you will find the best models from well-known brands such as Nike, adidas, ASICS, Mizuno, Saucony, On, Puma, Under Armour or Skechers. Series classics such as Nike Free, ASICS GEL-Nimbus or the adidas Ultraboost belong firmly in the Keller Sports range, as do the latest running shoe models. We advise you on the best criteria for choosing your running shoes.

  • Asphalt or off-road? Trail running shoes are the right choice for off-road running. They are suitable for any surface, from soft forest soil to gravel paths and asphalt. If you run exclusively on asphalt, choose an all-round shoe with good cushioning.
  • Training or competition? If you are a professional runner, it is best to choose a high-performance, particularly lightweight model.
  • Also in wet weather? If you run in rain or slush, you will want water-repellent material and good grip.
  • Lateral foot support necessary? This may be necessary if your feet lean excessively inwards when rolling. This is called "overpronation". Shoes with lateral foot support are advantageous if you have a high body weight, low fitness or leg malpositions.

Shoe characteristics:

  • Springback: gives extra lift for easy running
  • Heel cap: gives the foot optimal support
  • Upper: a supple upper gives a sock-like feel; water-repellent material is ideal for "bad weather runners".
  • "Spring": the heel or difference in height between the back and front of the foot (barefoot running shoes, for example, have no spring)


Your new running outfit: You've come to the right place. In the Keller Sports running shop you will find suitable clothing that you should buy, regardless of whether you are a hobby or professional runner.

  • Running socks: sweat-wicking, with padding
  • Running shirts: quick-drying, breathable, odour-neutralising and elastic
  • Jackets, hoodies and waistcoats: breathable, sweat-wicking, waterproof
  • Running trousers: whether tights, shorts or three-quarter trousers: breathable, quick-drying, often windproof and water-repellent
  • Headgear: Running caps protect against sunburn, headbands catch sweat and beanies are warming and windproof
  • Sports bras: breathable, quick-drying and often made of soft, functional fabrics.


For longer runs and performance-oriented runners, extended performance-oriented runners, extended running gear is recommended. Here is our selection of running gear in the Keller Sports running mail order department:

  • Waist packs (fanny packs): offer enough space for keys, smartphone and co.
  • Running belts: smaller than waist packs, very lightweight
  • Arm pockets: ideal for stowing your smartphone
  • Running backpacks: extremely light, comfortable to wear, often with hydration system
  • Running watches: depending on the model, with heart rate measurement, pedometer, GPS function, time measurement, smartphone connection and running efficiency analysis
  • Run Lace lacing system: instead of normal laces, easy handling for optimal hold
  • LED arm lights and LED head lights: for more visibility

You can buy more running equipment and running sports articles online at our Keller Sports Running Store.


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