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Make winning easy on any running track with the X-BIONIC® INVENT RUN SPEED SHIRT WOMEN. This weight-optimized model from the X-BIONIC® 4.0 generation is a powerful high-tech pioneer for ambitious female runners and includes the benefits of Retina® ultra-high-definition manufacturing technology. The 3D Bionic Sphere® system plays a decisive role in constant climate regulation with a shape-optimized surface on the chest and an extended zone on the back. Enlarged Sweat Traps® balance the temperature through accurately targeted evaporation, and the Kidney Ribs inserted into the densely knit fabric simultaneously insulate the sensitive kidney and pelvic area. For even more wellbeing when running long distances, the innovative cut maximizes wearing comfort: the higher-cut Waistband with IDEO-Waistband and the Shoulder-Flex-Zone in the shoulder area are among the highly elastic material structures that stay in shape with every movement and prevent skin irritations caused by annoying chafing.


  • Art. No.: BBEXB017000
  • MPN RT-RT00S19W-B002
  • Material details Material: 95% Polyamide or Nylon, 5% Polypropylene