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Pro Overgrip Perforated

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Colour: white
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Can you improve a bestseller? Wilson says yes and has introduced missed the perforated Pro Overgrip. This should improve the sweat absorption and "retain the perfect grip" even longer. That's true in so far that the Pro Overgrip Perforated actually stays dry and crispy even longer - if only the perspiration is the benchmark! However, now comes the but: Perforations make the band more sensitive. All players that grip a lot go through the tape faster than the original. In addition, the perforations changes the feel of the grip. Whether better or worse, everyone has to decide for themselves.


Compared to the "normal" Pro Overgrip, the Perforated grip provides enhanced sweat absorption, but a little at the expense of durability.

Manufacturer Description:

All-around performance with improved sweat absorption. The popular Pro Overgrip with perforation provides the perfect grip even longer.

> Packaging unit: 12 pieces in a practical (resealable) Polybag

> Thickness: 0.6mm


  • Art. No.: TGBWI053001
  • MPN WRZ4008WH
  • Subcategory Overgrip