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This Big Mountain Touring ski is impressively light. The BMT 90 is the most versatile model of this line. During climbs and freeride descents, its light wood core with levelled sides provides top stability. Thanks to Ice.Off, you won't have to worry about snow sticking to the ski. Julian Lill - Keller Sports Pro

Thanks to 3D.Ridge and the full carbon construction, the BMT 90 is not only supportive during climbs but also makes a good impression on open terrain. The Tip & Tail Rocker delivers smooth turn behaviour, as well as optimal drive on soft snow.

With the Multilayer Lite wood core, Völkl combines light beech and poplar wood. This makes the binding area of the ski very hardwearing and reduces the weight everywhere else. Thanks to 3D Ridge, the wood core levels out beautifully at the sides, reducing swing mass. The carbon jacket guarantees the necessary stability.

To ensure your climb isn't hindered by snow and ice, the ski is equipped with an Ice.Off topsheet. The special surface structure makes the snow glide off smoothly. Thanks to the skin pin, the ski and its skin will stay safely stuck together.


  • Skin Pin
  • Ice.Off Topsheet
  • Multilayer Lite wood core
  • 3D.Ridge Carbon
  • Tip & Tail Rocker

    • Length: 170 cm
    • Tail: 109 mm
    • Tip: 127 mm
    • Radius: 17.6 m
    • Waist: 90 mm
    • Weight: 1.330 g
    • Length: 177 cm
    • Tail: 109 mm
    • Tip: 127 mm
    • Radius: 19.6 m
    • Waist: 90 mm
    • Weight: 1.410 g
    • Length: 184 cm
    • Tail:109 mm
    • Tip: 127 mm
    • Radius: 21.8 m
    • Waist: 90 mm
    • Weight: 1.490 g


    • Art. No.: WSKVO022000
    • MPN 117374.163
    • Core material Wood
    • Handling characteristics Touren