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Style and protection
The Pivot MIPS ski helmet impresses with its cool, minimalist design and innovative MIPS technology. The MIPS system provides your head with effective protection against impact. The outer shell of the helmet has been fitted with a second, mobile shell. In case of impact, the rotational force is not absorbed by the head, but by the movement between both shells. Additional protection is provided by the Bombshell PLUS construction. Both goggles and a beanie can be worn comfortably with this helmet.


  • Multi-Impact-Epp lining offers comfort and protection
  • Airstream temperature regulation provides ventilation
  • MIPS system offers optimal protection
  • Self-adjusting lifestyle-fit system for the perfect fit
  • Can be worn with a beanie
  • Removable goggle lock

    • Art. No.: WSHSH007000
    • MIPS technology ja

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