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For those who crave reliable comfort on any run, the RIDE ISO2 paves the way to smooth miles by delivering the best balance of feel-good cushioning and a highly-adaptable fit. The feel-good cushioning combo of PWRFOAM with an EVERUN topsole provides just-right softness that’s responsive enough to tackle high mileage. The TRI-FLEX outsole enhances the shoe’s ability to disperse impact while also providing plenty of flexibility and traction for a smooth ride. ISOFIT and FORMFIT give the shoe unrivaled capabilities to accommodate a wide range of foot shapes with the utmost comfort.


  • Jacquard knit toebox
  • Woven heel provides added structure
  • Offset: 8mm (27/19)


    • Art. No.: RSCSA740000
    • MPN S20514-2
    • Shoe type Stable
    • Terrain Normal