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Ski Experience 84 Ca TPX Unisex

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162 cm
170 cm
178 cm
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The Experience 84 is a high performance all-mountain ski for experienced skiers. With its award-winning Air Tip technology, this ski delivers optimised all-mountain performance in all snow terrains and conditions. The Auto Turn rocker simultaneously provides strong edge grip, effortless steering and speed control. Thus the ski combines precision and power on-piste with lightness off-piste.

Concentrated power
Thanks to air filling (Air Tip), the blades are feather-light and structured for optimal torsional stiffness. The weight of the ski is therefore redistributed, whilst the ski tips are lighter and thus easier to steer. As the centre of gravity is shifted towards the middle of the ski, it provides concentrated power under your feet.

Optimal performance
The lengthened sidecut provides improved edge grip at high speeds and bends, because the ski is in contact with the snow along its entire length. At low speeds the ski is especially easy to turn, not least thanks to the rocker on the scoop and tail.

Light control
The ski has a Paulownia wood core that is 30% lighter than other wood cores. Thus the ski is not only very agile but also light to wear. The carbon fibres provide both high stability and a powerful skiing feel.

Supple ski feeling
The highly technical Minicap Sandwich Construction ensures a supple ski run and improved edge hold with a slightly reduced swing weight.


  • Auto Turn rocker profile
  • 16.0 m Radius (178 cm)
  • 133-84-120 mm sidecut
  • Minicap Sandwich Construction
  • Axium 120 TPI' B90 Binding


    • Art. No.: WSRRO013000
    • MPN RADEC01
    • Sidewall ja
    • Core material Paulownia-Holz
    • Handling characteristics All Mountain
    • Carbon inlay ja
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