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This season, the Experience 88 comes in a new design and also has some technical improvements. The most crucial of these is the carbon alloy matrix, which Rossignol always shows off on its skis. More importantly, though, is that this carbon structure makes the ski more agile, more stable and livelier overall - an important aspect of a ski of this width. This means that the piste performance of this ski is much better than that of its predecessor. With the 88 you have an extremely versatile ski that combines the occasional buoyant off-piste adventure with lively, agile on-piste performance. This means the Experience sets a whole new standard in the category of All-Mountain skis. Thomas Stops - Keller Sports Pro

The Experience 88 HD sets new standards in the All-Mountain category. It has been reinforced with the innovative Carbon Alloy Matrix, which increases the edge grip and stability of the ski, making it more playful. The new All-Mountain standard, though, is thanks to Air Tip technology, the Auto Turn Rocker profile and the longer waist.

Thanks to the Air Tip in the shovel, this part of the ski is featherlight and ideally structured to offer optimal torsional stiffness. The weight of the ski is therefore redirected and the tip and tail become lighter - this results in easier steering. As the heaviest point of the ski is towards the middle, here there is concentrated power under your feet.

The Minicap Sandwich construction is made from a wood core, 30° sidewalls, glass fibres and highly technical laminates. Thanks to the Mini Caps, the ski tip and tail are protected against damage. The sidewalls have a 30° angle to improve swing weight. As well as this, the entire ski's weight is reduced.

This ski's Auto Turn Rocker is the name of Rossignol's fine-tuned All-Mountain rocker for this season. With 30% rocker and 70% camber, as well as the concetrated and longer shovel area, this ski is extremely versatile. On the one hand it offers the outstanding edge grip, powerful feel and high level of energy that you're used to if you use a pure camber ski. On the other hand, the rocker tip and tail greatly improves your ability to turn and cruise effortlessly over soft, powder snow.

The Carbon Alloy Matrix is based on a mix of carbon fibres and basalt fibres. The carbon provides buoyancy, a light weight and power transfer, whereas the basalt is shock-absorbing and has stabilising properties.


  • Technology: Air Tip
  • Matrix: Carbon Alloy
  • Profile: Auto Turn Rocker
  • Construction: Minicap Sandwich
  • System: KONECT

    • Art. No.: WSKRO018000
    • Handling characteristics All Mountain

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