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Ventral AIR SPIN Unisex Road Cycling Helmet

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S (50 - 56 cm)
M (54 - 59 cm)
L (56 - 61 cm)
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The Vental Air SPIN has been structurally optimised to be as aerodynamic as possible while also providing the best ventilation. The precision-designed ventilation openings and internal channels control the airflow no matter what speed you're travelling at. The result is a lightweight, high-performance helmet with outstanding ventilation and cooling. The unique design was inspired by the award-winning models Octal and Ventral and was made to improve the wearer's aerodynamics by minimising air resistance. The slender design and special channels guide the air through the helmet, streamlining the head and cooling it at the same time. The advanced spoilers at the back of the helmet reduce resistance caused by expelled air - yet another contribution to the model's aerodynamic design. In order to achieve the brand's mission, POC designs all of its helmets as an entire unit, taking into account how all of the different materials and features work together. So, despite the Ventral Air SPIN's low weight, the secure Unibody construction and EPS core achieve the perfect balance between weight and security. SPIN (Shearing Pad INside) is POC's patent-pending silicone pad technology; it uses innovative materials that work with the core and shell to further improve the helmet's protective qualities. Thanks to the easy-to-use, height and circumference adjustment system, the Ventral Air SPIN is incredibly comfortable to wear. The updated eye garage keeps your goggles on safely.


  • Outstanding cooling & ventilation
  • CFD tests used to improve design & aerodynamics
  • SPIN system protects you during falls
  • High-performance EPS core with optimised thickness
  • Slender silhouette and good fit
  • Adjustment system
  • Unibody construction for superior protection


    • Art. No.: BSHPC019000
    • MPN 10670-1034