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For deep snow adventures in medium- to high regions
In the Set Sport T there is included a DSé Sport LVS machine, a Tour T shovel and a Sonde ALU 260. The DSP Sport LVS machine can be used intuitively at the touch of a button. The three antennae provide backup in case of one of malfunction- If the machine fails to detect movement after a certain time, it automatically switches to sender mode. In the case of multiple avalanches, the optimised MARK function is supported. The LVS machine has a range of 50 metres. The shovel is extremely stable weighs in at just 635 g. With the ergonomic grip you will find it comfortable to use. The Sonde ALU 260 can be stretched with the twist of your wrist thanks to the Speed-Cone system.


  • DSP Sport LVS machine (198g)
  • Tour T shovel (635g)
  • Sonde ALU 260 (290g)

    • Art. No.: WEQPI002001
    • MPN 113096-0000