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Actik Unisex Headlamp

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The ACTIK head lamp offers 350 Lumen of brightness and several different beams - ideal for dynamic outdoor activities like mountaineering, jogging, trekking and camping. The red light ensures other people in your group don't get blinded by your lamp. The reflective headband ensures the wearer is visible in low-light conditions. The ACTIK comes with three batteries and, thanks to the HYBRID CONCEPT, it's also compatible with a CORE battery. You can buy fastening systems separately that will allow you to attach the lamp to all kinds of helmets and bikes.


  • 350 Lumen at a weight of just 86 g
  • Two different beams
  • Single button for all functions
  • LOCK function prevents accidentally switching on or off the light
  • Reflective headband
  • Detachable, washable headbanc
  • Thickness: IPX4 (weatherproof)


    • Art. No.: OEQPZ026000
    • MPN E099FA00