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Ideal for those who value a well-ventilated carrier system and plan on staying one or two nights at a skiing hut. This is the reason why Stratos is equipped with a sleeping bag compartment. During shorter climbing trips you can attach trekking poles to the rucksack without having to take it off; this is thanks to the Stow-on-the-Go™ System. Extra details like the ice pick loop and the integrated rain cover make the Stratos the perfect piece of equipment for adverse conditions. Thomas Stops - Keller Sports Pro

In the Stratos 34 you can store all your essentials easily, even your sleeping bag and mat. Various features like the integrated rain cover, the ice pick loop, the Stow-on-the-Go? System, the signalling whistle and the hydration system pocket all make this rucksack very versatile.

To ensure fluids are always at hand, the hiking rucksack is equipped with a hydration system compartment, while your sleeping bag can be stored in the sleeping bag pocket with dividing wall. Sleeping mats can be attached to the removable external loops. As well as this there are two pockets on the hip strap and lateral mesh pockets with compression straps.

The AirSpead? back system with stretched mesh offers ventilation and comfort. Additionally, ventilation openings in the EVA foam at the shoulder and hip straps ensures you do not break a sweat as quickly during trips.


  • Volume: 34 litres
  • Rain cover: Integrate
  • Hydration system pocket: Internal
  • System: Stow-on-the-Go?
  • Compartment: Sleeping bag

    • Art. No.: OEQOS068000
    • MPN 5-422-01
    • Capacity 34 L