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The Nike Zoom Cage 2 Clay has reinforced stress zones on the outsole, as well as abrasion resistant Nike Drag-On-Material, which makes it ideal for those who want a particularly hardwearing tennis shoe. Apart from that the shoe also offers great shock absorption and enough support and stability for a terrific game. Thomas Stops - Purchasing Manager

Thanks to its hardy Nike Drag-On-Material, this shoe can easily cope with sliding around all over the court. The XDR outsole with its reinforced stress zones provides extra durability. Of course, the Nike Zoom Cage 2 Clay also offers you essential support and stability so you are quick and nimble on the court.

Targeted traction
The data-driven XDR outsole offers targeted traction and extreme durability. It also has reinforced stress zones that protect the shoe from wear and tear.

Very robust
The Nike Zoom Cage 2 Clay's Nike Drag-On-Material provides abrasion resistant durability at critical points; ideal for when you slip on the court.

More agility
The midsole is higher and split in the middle around the heel area. This means that you get extra support and manoeuvrability.

Optimal shock absorption
The Nike Zoom Element at the heel serves many purposes. On the one hand, it offers great shock absorption even though the shoe has a low profile. On the other hand, it makes the shoe stable and comfortable.


  • Nike Drag-On-Material
  • Nike Zoom Element
  • Reinforced stress zones
  • XDR outsole


    • Art. No.: TSCNI666000
    • Series Zoom Cage
    • Terrain Herringbone (Continous)

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