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Metcon 5 AMP Women Training Shoes

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Colour: pink
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The Nike Metcon 5 AMP was designed for power and speed. It provides stability while weightlifting and traction during sprints and intense workouts. This model combines breathability and durability - it's my secret weapon for the gym. Kati Utz - Keller Sports Pro


The rubber sidewall encloses the midfoot for hardwearing grip while rope climbing. The rubber outsole delivers robust traction, making the shoe ideal for agility exercises and sled pushes. Mesh and synthetic materials work together to ensure durability and breathability.

Extra hardwearing zones


The deep, flat, wide heel is designed in such a way that its height can be adjusted with a removable Hyperlift insole - this enhances stability during squats, wall balls and thrusts. If you want to raise your heel even higher, you can use insoles from previous Metcon models too, as removable Hyperlift insoles are compatible will all versions of the Metcon.


Dual-Density cushioning under the forefoot provides soft shock absorption. A directional traction tread enables you to move your feet faster. The tougher foam in the heel area offers stability, so you can switch effortlessly from heavy lifts to burpees.

Dual-Density cushioning
  • TPU
    heel clip
  • Hyperlift
  • Dual-Density
  • Optimised
    traction tread
  • Adjustable
    heel stack height


If you're the kind of athlete who wants to get stronger day by day, the Metcon 5 AMP is the ideal training shoe for you. The improved traction, the soft cushioning under the forefoot and the adjustable heel stack height work together to deliver the utmost of stability during all kinds of training.

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  • Art. No.: FSCNI00H000
  • MPN CD4950-060