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Having the right equipment with you during an avalanche could save your life. The Barryvox is a solid choice of transceiver by the traditional Swiss brand Mammut, which has been improving the avalanche beacon year by year. This model is particularly fast and very easy to use, even with gloves on - this means you don't lose any valuable time trying to take off your gloves. JULIAN LILL - Keller Sports Pro


This latest generation of the Barryvox S avalanche beacon offers the user an intuitive interface, but as is the case with all transceivers, it's important to practice using it before going skiing. With the Barryvox, locating someone in need is a fast and accurate process. Thanks to the Smart Search function, the gadget interacts with the rescuer's transceiver, greatly increasing the success rate of rescue missions.



Acoustic search guidance allows the rescuer to visually search the avalanche field. Thanks to the background lighting, the display is perfectly legible even while wearing polarised goggles. Distance, direction and number of buried subjects are shown on the display. In case of there being several victims, the incoming signals are all analysed and answered separately. The victims are placed on a list in which they can be selected, marked and unmarked.


A 3D sensor collects data on the vital signs of the buried subjects so that the rescuer can prioritise subjects with a higher chance of survival. If the rescuer doesn't move for 4 minutes, the device assumes s/he has been buried in a secondary avalanche and automatically switches the signal to SEND mode.

Highly functionalcarrying system
  • 70m
    search strip width
  • 350h
    battery life (send mode)
  • Auto
  • 3D Sensor
    vital sign data
  • Auto


The Barryvox avalanche beacon has an ergonomic design, is impact- and break-proof and comes equipped with the latest technologies. Some of the transceiver's most practical highlights include automatic self-test, alternative search modes, W-Links additional communication channel and an operating temperature between -25° and +45° Celsius. In a nutshell: this is one of the most robust and reliable beacons on the market. And, of course, this gadget is 100% Swiss made and customisable, it allows group tests with clear instructions and offers a circular receiving field.

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  • Art. No.: WEQMA006001
  • MPN 2710-00140-1015