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Adrenaline 200m Unisex Stringroll

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Feedback from the team:
It’s no longer a secret that the Luxilon Alu Power is one of the most-played-with strings by professional male tennis players. But its high price tag sometimes discourages "ordinary people" from using this string. However, the Alu Power is not necessarily an arm-friendly string. While the Aluminum isn’t particularly either, at least it’s a little less hard on the arm than its "big sister.” The Adrenaline string has a softer touch and is a little weaker in terms of stability, but it offers almost the same excellent control and durability as its big sister.
Conclusion: The "Alu Power Light" for a tight budget and sensitive arms.
Vendor Description:
The "little sister" of the Alu Power. Innovative material composition from liquid crystalline polymer. Designed specifically for the hard-hitting baseline player, this string offers very good acceleration and top control.


  • Art. No.: TSRLU015000
  • MPN WRZ990090
  • String type Mono filament
  • Length 200m