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Step into the Super Joy, a top-end women's ski. It's the perfect expression of your sportive, powerful skiing style. You'll love the snappy agility and power on the groomed slopes. And as an experienced carver, you have the stability and control to test your limits with steep, powerful turns. The lightweight construction promises energy-saving, all-day carving fun.


  • LIBRA: Women's Camber
  • ERA 3.0
  • Super Light Weight Distribution
  • Graphene KOROYD Carbon Construction
  • Structured UHM C Base
  • Allride Rocker


    • Length:148 cm
    • Tip:126 mm
    • Waist:74 mm
    • Tail:106 mm
    • Radius:10.2 m
    • Weight:N/A
    • Length:153 cm
    • Tip:127 mm
    • Waist:74 mm
    • Tail:107 mm
    • Radius:10.9m
    • Weight:N/A
    • Length:158 cm
    • Tip:127 mm
    • Waist:75 mm
    • Tail:107 mm
    • Radius:11.7 m
    • Weight:N/A
    • Length:163 cm
    • Tip:128 mm
    • Waist:75 mm
    • Tail:108 mm
    • Radius:12.5 m
    • Weight:N/A


    • Art. No.: WSKHE059000
    • MPN 315608
    • Handling characteristics Piste