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Radical MP Limited Edition 25 Years Unisex Tennis Racket (unstrung)

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L3 (4 3/8)
L2 (4 1/4)
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In stock. When ordering within the next Delivery in 4-5 working days. <br>(if stringing services are required, 5-6 working days)

Just like the RADICAL MP, the Graphene TOUCH RADICAL MP LTD is armed with innovative Graphene Touch technology, which delivers outstanding feel and reliable damping. This is the most versatile racket in its series. It comes with a dynamic 16/19 stringing pattern that enables increased playability, more spin and extra balance for improved swing weight and plough-through effect. What makes this racket absolutely unmistakable is its bumble bee design, inspired by the very first Radical from 1993. The RADICAL LTD is the perfect racket for versatile players who aren't afraid to stand out.


  • Art. No.: TTSHE595000
  • MPN 237018
  • Head size 630cm², 98 sq inch
  • Weight 295g
  • String pattern 16 x 19
  • Balance 320mm
  • Length 685mm
  • Please note To prevent fraud, we scan the serial number of every product sold.