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Prestige Pro Grip Unisex Grip

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Feedback from the team:
The cardinal question concerning overgrips is: Should I choose one with a sandblasted surface (“dry grip”) or one with a viscous surface (“tacky grip”)? The disadvantage of dry grips: If, due to cold weather, the hand is rather cold, dry grips easily slide. On the other hand, tacky grips aren’t that sweat-absorbing at high temperatures. In my opinion the Head Prestige Pro overgrip is a good compromise. Right from the start it is soft and very comfortable, even at cold weather. I am rather someone with very sweating hands, but I never had the feeling, that this grip would become slicky. (Meanwhile I have used the Prestige Pro for more than one year)
Somewhere I read that it is difficult to remove the foil, but this is absolute nonsense. And even if: Someone who isn’t able to remove this foil, won’t even manage hitting a little flying ball with a 650 cm² big fly swatter. There is merely on single point of criticism: At the beginning it isn’t quite easy to wrap the grip without creases. But after a few times practice this will work as well.
Manufacturer's description:
A specially reinforced polyurethane elastomer material with no perforations provides unique touch and playability with ultimate durability.


  • Art. No.: TGBHE010000
  • MPN 282009_BK
  • Subcategory Overgrip

100 Ratings

100 Ratings
  • Overall
  • Slip resistance
  • Perspiration
  • Durability