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The MxG 5 comes with new MxG technology, which is based on an innovative magnesium bridge construction. The special construction allows for longer, free-moving strings - these result in a larger sweetspot and more power. Apart from that, the frame's shape does not change under pressure, so you enjoy extra control during every swing. Thomas Stops - Keller Sports Pro


Innovative MxG technology is based on an optimal combination of magnesium and Graphene Touch. The result is a unique balance between power and control, thanks to the magnesium bridge. This was especially shaped using a high-pressure injection moulding technique, meaning that the racket is beautifully stable, even despite its very low weight.



Graphene Touch technology delivers a perfectly damped playing feel. The technology also provides the frame construction with unique shock absorption and faster vibration reduction after contact with the ball.

Magnesiumbridge construction
  • 275g
  • MxG
  • Graphene Touch
  • Magnesium
    Bridge construction
  • Free-moving


The MXG 5 is ideal for ambitious club players who want to add more power to their game. The racket comes with the latest technologies and therefore provides a unique combination of power and control.

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  • Art. No.: TTSHE564000
  • MPN 238717
  • Head size 680cm², 105 sq inch
  • Weight 275g
  • Profile 24|26|22mm
  • String pattern 16 x 18
  • Balance 335 mm
  • Length 690 cm

1 Rating

1 Rating

Good touch and great precision

  • Overall
  • Power
  • Control
  • Comfort

I normally play with a 315 g racket, so when I tried this one I was a little doubtful I would come to terms with a 275 g model. I was pleasantly surprised to see how good the touch was with this racket and what level of precision it could achieve. The touch was what most impressed be - whether it has anything to do with new technologies or not, the racket impressed me regardless. For amateurs and those who don't play too often, I find that this is should be considered a "premium" option. The racket is also very forgiving and manoeuvrable, mainly due to its low weight. I'm going to give this racket to my father as a birthday present - it's perfect for him. As for me, I'll be giving the MXG 3 (295 g) a go next and I expect it will be even closer to what I want than this one.

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