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The MxG 3 comes with new MxG technology, which is based on an innovative magnesium bridge construction. The special construction allows for longer, free-moving strings - these result in a larger sweetspot and more power. Apart from that, the frame's shape does not change under pressure, so you enjoy extra control during every swing. Thomas Stops - Keller Sports Pro


Innovative MxG technology is based on an optimal combination of magnesium and Graphene Touch. The result is a unique balance between power and control, thanks to the magnesium bridge. This was especially shaped using a high-pressure injection moulding technique, meaning that the racket is beautifully stable, even despite its very low weight.



Graphene Touch technology delivers a perfectly damped playing feel. The technology also provides the frame construction with unique shock absorption and faster vibration reduction after contact with the ball.

Magnesiumbridge construction
  • 295g
  • MxG
  • Graphene Touch
  • Magnesium
    Bridge construction
  • Free-moving


The MXG 3 is ideal for those who want to improve their game with the latest racket technologies and place a high value on power and control.

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  • Art. No.: TTSHE563000
  • MPN 238707
  • Head size 645cm², 100 sq inch
  • Weight 295g
  • Profile 24|26|22mm
  • String pattern 16 x 18
  • Balance 325 mm
  • Length 685 mm

1 Rating

1 Rating

Excellent precision

  • Overall
  • Power
  • Control
  • Comfort

Despite its low weight (295 g), the Head MXG 3 impresses with astounding precision during groundstrokes. Topspins, slices and drives all find their mark very accurately. I've only seen similar properties in the Head Prestige series and the Wilson Pro Staff series, which are usually significantly heavier. As well as this, touch and handling are particularly good. You feel like the ball always hits the sweetspot. Racket vibrations are barely noticeable. In my opinion, the MXG is a top racket for ambitious (maybe tournament) players who like variation and may even be used to a heavier racket. I strongly recommend this racket - it's definitely worth a try!

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