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Ski Touring skin with outstanding glide and grip characteristics, designed by Pomoca®.
The Dynafit ski touring skin not only prevents the annoying buildup of clumps of snow, it also provides excellent glide and grip. A special middle membrane stops water from being absorbed and improves the skin's edge seals. The skins are tear resistant and do not wrinkle easily. The Dynafit Stretch System provides the ideal attachment between skin and ski tail. Snow and ice is prevented from getting under the skin, which is tightly wrapped around the tip. FreerideTourers, SkiTourers and SkiRunners all realize their common dream: top performance, great traction, lightweight, and long gliding skins.

3-layer construction
DYNAFIT Skins are made of fur, membrane and support material

A waterproof membrane keeps water out, so adhesive stays on

Anti Stick
Membrane and a water-repellent treatment for less snow build-up

Speed Glide
A special finish for first-rate glide

Snow Leopard Grip
Careful material choices and finish for excellent gliding/climbing balance and great abrasion resistance

250g at length 174cm


  • Art. No.: WEQDY006000
  • MPN 48245-0999