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The Baltoro is a docile, yet extremely dynamic and versatile all-round touring ski. The Baltoro might not be as light as the Seven Summits, but it is more forgiving and easier to handle. It is a very pretty, classic touring ski that is ideal for beginners in the touring discipline who want to develop their skills or who simply want more versatility. All in all, a very balanced all-rounder that offers fun to beginners and ambitious touring skiers alike. Thomas Stops - Keller Sports Pro

The Baltoro is a versatile all-round touring ski that is just as suited to ambitious touring skiers as it is to beginners. It offers excellent damping, maximal impact absorption and behaves in a neutral way during turn initiation and completion.

The 3D-Carbon construction makes the flex tip extremely light and resilient and offers excellent damping. Impact is harmoniously absorbed and the carbon insert offers stiff, highly reactive cushioning. The 3D geometry reduces mass and weight.

The shock-absorbing ABS insert along the entire length of the ski edge delivers maximal impact cushioning when skiing over a stone or boulder. Apart from that, direct power transfer is optimised between binding, shoe and ski edge thanks to this construction.

This ski has a large front radius and a small one at the back, which ensures a neutral behaviour during turn initiation and completion. The ski reacts in an energy-saving way throughout the large radius, and is easy to steer in the small radius. Apart from that, the small radius enables you to perfectly control the tail speed on steep, icy terrain.

The Ash - Poplar Ride core is a highly reactive core with excellent damping and load profile. This is has a particularly positive impact on the power transfer to the ski edge, and it ensures a smooth ride at high speeds.


  • Construction: 3D-Carbon
  • Sidewall: Full
  • Radius: Dual
  • Core: Ash - Poplar Ride
  • Touring ski: Classic

    • Art. No.: WSKDY002000
    • Handling characteristics Touren

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