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Feedback from the Product Management:

Small court? Mid-court? Normal field? In what situation is which ball useful? This question is asked again and again and the answer is not quite so simple. Basically, there are the steps of red, orange and green. The corresponding balls get faster in this order and are accordingly then suitable for larger fields and older children. The easiest way would be to say now: red for small court, orange for Mid-court and green for the large court in the young age groups. Unfortunately, the reality is partly different. The balls of the red category are usually taken only for the first experiments with the tennis racket. In the small box then prevails Orange, in part, these balls will be fine in the Midcourt. The level green is then taken either in Mid-court or even for the youngest age classes that already play on the big court.

As for the quality, so the Dunlop balls for children naturally meet the standards of the ITF for the corresponding color category. And otherwise the balls meet the usual high quality standards of the world leader in terms of balls.

Conclusion: First know which color to use, then the Dunlop Stage is the right choice.

Manufacturer Description:

Reduced pressure ball (about 25% slower than a standard Ternnisball) for children from 6 years old, ideal transitional tennis ball for all ages with a colorful pattern (yellow / green).

The Dunlop Stage 1 Green ball is designed as a transition ball from Stage 2 to standard tennis balls for players of all ages. The ball is approximately 25% slower than a standard tennis ball to give players more time to prepare their choice of shot.The Dunlop Stage 1 Green ball is ITF Approved.


  • Art. No.: TTBDU051001
  • MPN 602204