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Feedback from the Product Management:

First, a question must be answered: What is the difference between the Dunlop Coach Pro, which it was until the end of 2009, and the Dunlop Pro Coach? Answer: Apart from the name and the packaging, there is none! And that's a good thing. For the Coach Pro or now holding the Pro Coach enjoys in recent years as a very good and inexpensive training ball very popular with coaches and clubs. The large number of "repeat offenders" who order the ball again and again in large quantities with us, proves this.

The Pro Coach offers a low price good and especially long-lasting playability and is therefore ideal for training with teams. Because this will not work with non-pressurized balls according to experience, if they then play in the team games with pressurised balls.

Conclusion: Whether Coach Pro or Pro Coach - in terms of price-performance ratio this is one of the top training balls on the market.

Manufacturer Description:

New pressure-filled, all-round Trainer Ball for coaches and players of all levels. Suitable for all floor coverings. Very good playability through very durable felt with a consistently good bounce. Excellent value for money trainer ball.


  • Art. No.: TTBDU062001

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