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Octane 10 70 oz Crimson Trinkrucksack Unisex Hydration Pack

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With 10-liters of compressible cargo space and a 2-liter Crux™ reservoir, the Octane™ 10 is a multi-task, multi-sport workhorse. Perfect for extra-long unsupported runs, daily commutes or short fast-packing trips, it's designed to carry tons of gear and keep athletes prepared for anything mother nature might challenge them with. Need more than the 2-liter reservoir? Simply stash an additional Quick Stow flask in one of the perfectly sized pockets. Want to keep your rain shell or layers handy? Slip them into the stretch overflow pocket. Bringing your trekking poles? There's a spot to attach those too. The Octane™ 10 is truly ready for anything you can throw at it. Or in it.


  • 2L CRUX™ Reservoir
  • 3D Vent Mesh
  • Stretch Overflow Pocket
  • Cargo Compression
  • Trekking Pole Carry
  • Dual Adjustable Sternum Straps
  • Fuel and Gear Storage


    • Art. No.: RZUCB020001
    • MPN 0739.589/0