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The black crows camox is a great ski for every terrain. The double Rocker and classic Camber make it easy to control, even at breakneck speeds. It's the perfect choice for those who want a playful ski for the slopes, powder and park excursions. Julian Lill - Keller Sports Pro

black crows' camox is further proof that first-class quality can be paired up with a modern and unique style. Whether you're on a solid slope or in powdery backcountry, the camox is the right choice for you.

This ski's core is made of poplar wood. The double Rocker, classic Camber and medium-sized waist of the captis provide manoeuvrability and easy handling on every terrain - whether you're on a groomed piste or on fresh powder.

The moderate flex underfoot enables comfortable turn initiation. The shovel and tail demonstrate their full potential in deep snow by making the ski easier to handle.


  • 4000 g weight / pair
  • 97 mm waist
  • Semi-Cap construction
  • Poplar core

    • Length: 174.6 cm
    • Tail: 112 mm
    • Tip: 125 mm
    • Radius: 18 m
    • Waist: 97 mm
    • Weight: N/A
    • Length: 181.2 cm
    • Tail: 114 mm
    • Tip: 127 mm
    • Radius: 18 m
    • Waist: 97 mm
    • Weight: N/A
    • Length: 186.1 cm
    • Tail: 115 mm
    • Tip: 130 mm
    • Radius: 18 m
    • Waist: 97 mm
    • Weight: N/A


    • Art. No.: WSKBC006000
    • MPN 100450
    • Core material Wood
    • Handling characteristics Freeride
    • Carbon inlay ja