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Alpina designed a helmet adjustment system with volume regulation for the Attelas: The helmet’s shell can be adjusted perfectly to the head by means of a fine ratchet system. This significantly increases comfort when wearing and a sense of security. A helmet that wiggles or presses down can ruin someone’s ski day. With the patented Ergo3 system, this doesn’t happen. The adjusting mechanism that lets the helmet adapt perfectly to any head shape can easily be used even when wearing thick gloves. The high-quality interior fittings of the hardshell helmet also allow maximum comfort and a secure, draught-free feeling. The helmet’s front edge is protected by wear-resistant material that keeps the soft inner lining warm even at cold temperatures. One-Touch ventilation ensures air supply: A handle can be used to open or close the ventilation slider. The air flow can thus be regulated and adapted to the weather conditions. This ensures that the climate inside the helmet is always pleasant. With the Attelas visor, the QuattroVarioflex mirror visor eliminates reflections, distracting glares and infrared rays. Contours are highlighted in contrast, and the tinting automatically adjusts to lighting conditions. Other visor options are also available separately as accessories. Thanks to the unrestricted 180° view and the large interior volume behind the visor, the helmet is also especially well suited for glasses wearers.


  • Hi EPS
  • Hard Shell
  • Ergo3 fit
  • S2 Visor
  • One-Touch ventilation
  • EN 1077 class B safety standard

    • Art. No.: WSHAL067000
    • MPN A9090232