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Sports glasses

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The right pair of sunglasses not only look awesome but are essential for passionate outdoor athletes. Whether climbing, hiking or cycling - the sun can be a hindrance. That's why we offer a range of sunglasses here at Keller Sports to guarantee perfect vision in all light. Here you'll discover what you should consider before purchasing a pair of sunglasses.

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Sports sunglasses: your companion for outdoor sport

Probably the most important criteria is UV protection since ultraviolet rays can cause damage to the conjunctiva and cornea. Sunglasses filter out these rays to provide effective protection against long-term damage. If your sunglasses come with a UV-400 sticker that means that they will filter out wave lengths of 400 nanometres. The EU safety standard is 380 nanometres.

1, 2 or 3? The right glare protection

Has the range of sunglasses colours caught your eye? The darker the tint the more visible light is filtered. Category 1 is for evening only, category 2 is suitable for cycling in heavy cloud. Category 2 is perfect for our latitude since it also provides effective protection in summer. If you are planning a long mountain hike in the dazzling sunshine or perhaps a cycling tour in southern regions, category 3 sunglasses are a better option. Category 4 is prohibited in road traffic and is only essential high up on a mountain or glacier.
The tint of the sunglasses plays a large role. Blue tint creates a good contrasting cool light and is useful in the mountains.
Cyclists and ambitious runners are best opting for special sports sunglasses that are low in weight with yellow, brown or red-tinted lenses. This improves the contrast which is helpful in varying light and visibility scenarios. The glasses should not sit directly against the face in order to allow optimum circulation of air during vigorous exercise.
You can invest in sunglasses with an exchange system meaning you won't need to purchase multiple pairs for different activities. This makes changing your glasses easy.

Put an end to sliding and jiggling

Sunglasses constantly sliding down your nose while trekking? Extremely annoying. Adjustable nose pads, frames, retaining straps and anti-slip coating on the nose bridge and frames stop this from happening. Ensure an optimal, secure fit by making sure your glasses reach up to your eyebrows and across to the side of your face. They shouldn't sit too much on the cheeks as you'll sweat more and the lenses will fog up more easily.
The lenses should be shatter-resistant in order to protect your eyes in the event of a collision. This means: cheaper sunglasses are not always the best choice. You're better off investing in a pair of high-quality sunglasses made from hardened polycarbonate. Frames made from nylon and high-quality synthetic material provide flexibility and comfort. Always look for large, curved lenses of a high, certified quality for outdoor sports sunglasses. This ensures good peripheral vision and protection from drafts and physical damage.

Extra features for sports fun

For those of us who require more from our sunglasses there are self-tinting or phototropic lenses that adapt to different lights. Anti-glare lenses prevent light reflecting off glass surfaces to provide more comfortable viewing. A polarisation filter prevent wet or shimmering roads and water surfaces from hurting your eyes and vision. Anti-fog coatings, sweat-stoppers and dirt-resistant coatings are all useful features. As a glasses wearer you should of course always have lenses in your prescription.

The advantages and disadvantages of sports sunglasses

In contrast to glasses with clear lenses, sports sunglasses effectively protect the eyes against harmful UV rays and enhance your vision even in poor visbility conditions. It helps that tinted lenses for sport and leisure also happen to look great.


  • protection against environmental influences such as sun, wind and rain
  • excellent comfort
  • variety of tinted lenses for different sports
  • versatile


  • sunglasses can distract you and fog up when sweating

Glasses: versatile accessory for every tour

Whether blue, yellow or brown these modern sunglasses designed for outdoor sport protect against UV radiation, support you during your adventures even in poor light conditions and also look great. You'll find the latest models and top sunglasses online at Keller Sports!