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Ideal for long hikes with lots of luggage

You won't always find a rest point in the rough mountains or on an adventure trip through the Australian outback. That's why trekking backpacks are particularly large in volume. The carrying system is also very clever, placing the weight on your hips and effectively relieving your back and shoulders. Since the terrain and area of use differ, trekking backpacks are available in a variety of sizes and designs. Even ladies' backpacks with tailored waist straps and a narrower, shorter back section are available. The shoulder straps are shorter and narrower on the ladies' models, providing a more comfortable fit between the chest and armpit.

A backpack that does everything with you

Designed for outdoor use, trekking backpacks have a durable coating that is easy to look after. All models are waterproof or consist of water-resistent material. If you want to make your backpack waterproof you can wear it in the rain using a special cover. This makes sure your clothes inside the backpack stay dry. Don't overfill it though As a rule of thumb, the maximum weight for physically fit people is a quarter of your body weight. If you are a novice hiker you are better off carrying up to a fifth of your body weight.

Why buy a trekking backpack?

If you are planning an excursion involving huts or tents, it's worth investing in a trekking backpack. The distribution of the compartments is well-designed across a relatively small area so that you can bring lots of things with you. The outer pockets and straps mean your important tools are always close to hand. The opening is almost always situated on the top. Models that have a second opening on the front are also popular. The back section is ergonomically designed. Rear ventilation prevents direct contact with your body, while keeping the backpack steady and secure. This is important for good balance on uneven terrain. Around 80 percent of the weight sits on a padded waist strap leaving the back relatively unburdened. The shoulder straps allow you to adjust the backpack upwards towards the shoulders. The packing volume of a trekking backpack is generally higher than a standard daypack but this varies from model to model. Which one of the many backpacks is suitable for you depends on the transport volume as well as the nature of your supplies. The best trekking backpack is the one whose volume, appearance and comfort meets your individual requirements.

Clever extra features for added comfort

The special thing about trekking backpacks are the details. The extra-padded carrying system fits perfectly to the shape of your body. The length of the back system can usually be adjusted. Depending on the design, trekking backpacks may also include extra pole holders and fastening straps specially for sleeping mats or sleeping bags. Some models have a separate bottom compartment for storing used clothes.

The advantages and disadvantages of trekking backpacks

Trekking backpacks are designed to provide real benefits on long hikes, travels and camping. These backpacks are less suitable if used for purposes other than what they were originally designed for, namely everyday and casual use that doesn't involve large hikes.


  • lots of storage room
  • well-thought-out compartments and pocket arrangement
  • comfortable carrying system with perfect load distribution
  • stable enough for a substantial weight
  • optimum fit and freedom of movement
  • durable and water-resistant outer material


  • larger and heavier than normal backpacks
  • hip support and straps a little bulky
  • specially designed for trekking

Tested by experts

If you require a backpack for trekking then you'll be sure to find the right model for you at Keller Sports. We only include thoroughly tested, long-lasting, practical products in our range. You can rest assured that your backpack won't let you down during your trip, providing long-lasting joy.



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