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Special activities require exceptional equipment. This of course also includes the right watch for your outdoor adventure that not only tells the time. Outdoor watches can measure your pulse, altitude and air pressure, count your steps and calories burned and even guide you to your desired destination. Who wouldn't want such a multitalented companion on their outing?

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5 Recommendations

Outdoor watches

Outdoor watches: more than just telling the time

An outdoor watch functions differently to traditional models. It not only tells you the precise time but also includes numerous additional features. Its special features not only work on land but also underwater. This means you can wear it to go diving or swimming, cross raging mountain streams or go walking in the pouring rain. There are no compromises when it comes to durability since they need to able to withstand shock, for example if you stumble on rubble or if you swing against a rock face. In short, the outdoor watches available at Keller Sports are the ideal accessories for exciting outdoor adventures.

Immensely versatile and always reliable

Outdoor trekking watches feature the latest electronics. The clockwork does not function mechanically but is powered by a battery or solar energy. The digital display is quick and easy to use thanks to buttons on the side or a touchscreen. Outdoor watches are some of the most diverse accessories that a hiker, mountain climber, skydiver, sailor or other open-air athletes can carry with them. They measure the distance travelled as well as the speed. A barometer, thermometer and hygrometer are sometimes integrated into certain watches. A compass is often included as well as a pulse and calorie counter. The data can be uploaded and evaluated on your smartphone or PC by using an app.

Why are outdoor watches so important?

An outdoor watch with GPS allows you to orientate yourself when hiking in difficult conditions and prevents you from getting lost. This can be essential in extremely remote areas. Hiking watches with GPS are therefore very popular nowadays. The air pressure display allows you to draw conclusions about weather developments. In alpine terrain, sudden changes of weather can pose risks for which you can be prepared armed with the necessary knowledge and help of your new watch.

The perfect wristwatch for sport?

Many athletes opt for outdoor models and tend to avoid buying special fitness watches. These watches are very popular for trail running in particular. Skiers and mountain bikers also tend to opt for outdoor watches. Fishermen, hunters and canoeists are also equally as impressed with their functionality. The watches are also ideal for geocaching since you can download the geocaches straight to your watch and let the navigation feature reliably help you in your search.

The advantages and disadvantages of an outdoor wristwatch

Outdoor watches offer numerous benefits thanks to their professional features. Despite all their technology there is still a drawback: most of these outdoor watches unfortunately don't have an internet connection. This means that even if climbing Mount Everest you won't be able to chat with your friends despite the many sophisticated technical features.


  • classic time display
  • durable and virtually indestructible
  • different sensors depending on the model
  • GPS often included
  • some models include fitness trackers
  • compass sometimes included
  • sometimes with a dedicated app for evaluating
  • durable and virtually indestructible
  • generally waterproof
  • intuitive to use


  • no watches currently available with fully integrated internet
  • housing often larger than standard wristwatches

Find your favourite model today!

If you want to benefit from the advantages of an outdoor watch then browse our range at Keller Sports. You'll find a variety of models from different brands with features that will be sure to help you on your adventures. Find your new wristwatch today!