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Head torches - hands-free light

Today, almost all lights are LEDs. LED head torches are lighter, last longer and use less energy. Depending on the light flux, the range can reach up to 100 metres or more. These small, portable, wireless torches are available in many different designs. For example, you can buy head torches that are dimmable in two stages. Some head torches have two separate lights. One lights up the immediate surroundings and the other is more long-range. Many are also equipped with a, normally red, flashing SOS light.
The different types are quickly and easily ready for use thanks to a USB charger or by changing the batteries. Special head torch models work with an external battery pack. This is worn on the body and performs just as well in cold weather. Another advantage of this type of energy supply is a longer life, greater brightness and range and less weight on your head.

A good head torch, a perfect companion in the dark

For jogging, hiking, long-distance running or just a short walk - with a head torch your field of vision will be perfectly lit up and make you feel that bit safer. Especially during activities that make you move faster, it is important to be able to recognise obstacles in good time. If you go for a jog with a head lamp on, you will never again trip over a branch because you didn't see it. Other outdoor experiences like trekking and camping are enlightening experiences with the modern head torch. As you wear the torch on your head, you can use it at any time, anywhere. Both hands are free so, for example, building a tent in the dark is a doddle.
If you want to go running or walk the dog, with a head torch you will always have the path and your dog in view. These small light sources are also great for trips. As they are very small and handy, they will fit in a suitcase that is bursting at the seams and can light your way even in the darkest of places. In the same way, these small torches will stand by all of those going about their work or pursuing their hobbies in the early hours of the morning or late evening. Whether you're in a workshop or out delivering newspapers, with these practical torches you will be able to saw, hammer or find the right letterbox.

The pros and cons of head torches.

Head torch, hand torch or the torch app on your smartphone? There are so many different alternatives for lighting the way today. This can make choosing the right tool for you a long job. The pros and cons of each will depend on your own personal requirements and the type of activity you want to do. To ensure the right lighting for your outdoor ventures, the advantages of practical head torches outweigh those of other light sources.


  • long range, high intensity and long-lasting
  • broader light cone for optimum lighting of the field of vision
  • lightweight
  • user friendly
  • versatile
  • hands free
  • very sturdy and durable
  • often waterproof
  • battery quick and easy to change/charge


  • can get in the way of helmets, hats or baseball caps

The master of your own light with a head torch

These all-rounders provide the perfect perspective wherever you go. These small sources of light are the ultimate gadget that you can use all year round and for practically all outdoor activities. You decide when the light needs to come on and don't need to depend on street lights any more. All of the excellent qualities of head torches will protect and support you in the best possible way in any situation. Find your new favourite companion at Keller Sports - great designs and top quality products and service.


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