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The biggest advantages of water bottles for sports

It goes without saying that you pack plenty of fluids for your outdoor excursions. At the same time, you want to have your drinks at hand quickly, and you may want to take a sip while running without spilling half of it. In addition, you don't want water or energy drinks to suddenly run down your throat lukewarm at the end of your excursion. All this is guaranteed by the right drinking bottle.

Many have insulating properties, and many also have a special mouthpiece that makes it easier for you to drink even when you're on the move. Some can even filter water if you need to replenish your water supply on hikes lasting several hours. And all the models in our water bottle shop are so robust that they will easily survive your off-road trips.

Drinking bottles: What materials are available?

Premium drinks bottles can be made of different materials, each of which has its own advantages - and here's what these advantages look like:

  • Stainless steel drinking bottles: Thanks to its durability and robustness, it is one of the most popular materials for drinking bottles. Especially since stainless steel models are free of harmful substances and also neutral in taste and odour. Double-walled versions even keep your drinks warm or cool.
  • Plastic: Plastic drinking bottles are also robust and durable. Just make sure that they are BPA-free. This way you avoid harmful substances in your drink. High-quality plastic drinking bottles do not release odours or tastes into the drinks, although hot drinks are generally less suitable for plastic drinking bottles.
  • Aluminium: Similarly robust to stainless steel, but somewhat lighter and therefore perfect for hiking or mountain tours. An important feature of aluminium drinks bottles is a resistant coating on the inside. Additional insulating sleeves also allow you to transport warm drinks for longer without them cooling down.
  • Glass: With glass bottles you can always see how much water you have left. On the other hand, the material is less break-resistant than other drinking bottles. Manufacturers counter this with silicone or plastic sleeves that protect the glass against impacts. You can also fill glass bottles with hot drinks.

What manufacturers are there for drinking bottles?

Some brands focus explicitly on the production of drinking bottles. Others include drinking containers for sports in their already large product portfolio:

  • Nike: Wherever someone moves, the Swoosh is always involved. Also when it comes to drinking bottles. Nike gives you models with special closures made of robust, insulating materials to take with you on your trips into nature or to the gym.
  • Klean Kanteen: Thanks to its intensive focus on nature, the brand is one of the best-known manufacturers of drinking bottles. Klean Kanteen does without plastic and uses silicone and sustainably sourced bamboo wood for its closures.
  • Nalgene: The company uses Tritan for its plastic drinking bottles, which is extremely temperature-resistant on the one hand and BPA-free on the other. For longer trips, Nalgene offers you large bottles with a capacity of up to 2 litres.
  • Röhnisch: Founded in Sweden in 1940, Röhnisch specialises in sports equipment for women. In addition to sportswear, the brand, whose team consists exclusively of women, also produces innovative drinking bottles.
  • Grayl: The basis of the drinking bottles is always the innovative water filter, the brand's trademark. It allows you to drink fresh water from nature by filtering out bacteria, viruses and chemicals beforehand.

What advantages does which drinking bottle have?

Some drinking bottles are better suited for a few sips while moving, others keep tea warm for a snack while hiking or even filter water. The individual advantages are many and of course combine in different models:

  • A sports cap is particularly suitable if you take your water bottle with you to the gym, on a run or on a bike ride. It has a slim design, can be pulled out, set up or clenched and thus prevents you from spilling anything while drinking. Some water bottles even have a kind of straw, so you don't have to tip them to drink.
  • The size of your water bottle has a direct impact on its area of use. Small models between 0.5 and .75 litres are suitable for everyday use, basketball training or the gym. For hiking, you are more likely to take 1 litre or even larger bottles.
  • Carbonated drinks are not suitable for water bottles. They could leak due to the pressure. Unless the bottle has a special cap that is explicitly marked by the manufacturer as "suitable for carbonated drinks".
  • Water filters are not part of the standard equipment of drinking bottles. It is either available as an accessory or you can buy a model that already has it integrated. This is especially recommended if you are travelling in nature for a whole day or more and don't want to carry too much with you, so you always want to refill your drink. This way you can filter out pathogens, chemicals, microplastics, heavy metals and pesticides from the water and refresh yourself afterwards with a clear conscience.
  • All models in our drinking bottle shop are leak-proof. This ensures that you can pack them in your sports bag or touring backpack without hesitation.
  • Insulating drinks bottles allow you to transport hot drinks for several hours without them cooling down. The same applies to cold drinks: they also maintain their temperature for several hours in insulated drinks bottles.

How can I clean a drinking bottle?

If the manufacturer's instructions state that your water bottle is dishwasher-safe, then the case is clear. If not, use warm water, a bottle brush and some washing-up liquid. Always rinse the bottle thoroughly to remove the last remnants of detergent. Cleaning or chlorine tablets are another option for cleaning the drinking bottles. Clean the lid with a sponge and some washing-up liquid.

Drinking bottle shop at Keller Sports

The water bottle shop at Keller Sports offers you a large selection: Insulating. With a sports cap or filter. You can tailor your water bottle to your exact needs in our water bottle store, so you can always take the right bottle with you on your sports or outdoor trips. Brands like Nike, Grayl, Nalgene or Röhnisch guarantee the necessary quality at all times. You can easily order online at Keller Sports, and of course you should always keep an eye out for our sale offers and subscribe to our newsletter so that you don't miss any of the attractive offers.



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