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Outdoor accessories

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Do you like getting out and about in nature? Is hiking, climbing or trekking your thing? Do you love exploring your surroundings in detail? Then make sure you have the right accessories so you can concentrate entirely on your adventure. As an outdoor enthusiast you'll know exactly what benefits accessories for your outdoor gear can bring. Kick off your adventure with the right outdoor accessories from our online shop.

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8 Recommendations

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Discover the perfect outdoor accessories for your adventure!

Accessories make outdoor life easier and also more comfortable. They ensure that your stay dry in your clothes when it's raining, prevent you getting sunstroke from the sun, allow you to store plenty of handy items, provide light when it's dark and water when you need it. The right outdoor accessories complete your gear. You'll find everything for outdoor enthusiasts in our online shop. We present the most useful accessories for the outdoors.

Which hydration sytem is best for me and my outdoor adventure?

There are some major differences in the closure system for hydration systems which have now become an essential outdoor accessory. Hydration systems generally have a valve that self-closes. This prevents liquid from spilling out. The special valve allows you to drink while running or cycling without the need to use your hands. You simply bite on the valve to open it. After sipping, the valve automatically closes to prevent any spillage. Different technologies prevent bacteria from getting into the bag or tube. This ensures hygienic, clean liquid all day long. Depending on your adventure you can choose hydration systems varying from 1.5 litres to 3 litres in capacity. The optimum capacity mainly depends on how long you'll be outside for and whether you will have the option to refill the hydration system.

What are the special features of headlamps?

Headlamp accessories are characterised mainly by their light weight and long lifespan. Depending on the brand you can programme your outdoor adventure beforehand into a mobile app. This lets you see the remaining light duration and battery life on your tablet or smartphone and adapt your usage accordingly. This is particularly advantageous on long tours where charging isn't available. Sophisticated lamp systems have a sensor that measures the light conditions of your surroundings and automatically adapts the brightness. This means you don't have to manually adjust your headlamp according to the light which optimises battery life. Some headlamps have an auxiliary red light to help the eyes adjust to the dark better. You can avoid accidentally turning on and flattening the batteries during your tour thanks to the lock function. Headlamps as the optimum outdoor accessory and perfect companion always provide light when it's dark and when you need it most.

When does it make sense to use accessories?

Outdoor accessories can be used any time you want to make your adventure easier, more comfortable or safer. Whether at night, during the day, on a mountain, in caves or forests, meadows or hiking trails: accessories are always easy to use and bring many benefits during your adventure. Accessories allow you to quickly and easily adapt to the weather, bring you light, let you store your things and even drink when you want. Outdoor accessories are everything an outdoor enthusiast needs.

Discover the world of accessories at Keller Sports

Whether travelling over rough and smooth, dark caves or isolated hiking routes: you'll find the right accessories for every outdoor activity in our online shop. Whether you adventure involves icy glaciers, deep forests or dry and dusty desert: With the right outdoor accessories your tour is sure to be an unforgettable experience.