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Design and function combined

In its early days shirts were mostly made from hemp and worn by workers in North America. They were originally introduced to withstand harsh weather and resist wear and tear as a result of demanding physical labour. During the 20th century the traditional chequered flannel shirt became favoured among fashionable circles worldwide. Which means you should never forget its original merits - quite the opposite! The styles available in the Keller Sports online shop come in various fashionable designs and combine these with the demands of modern outdoor clothing.

Which shirt is for me?

This depends entirely on where it will be used. Soft flannel and cotton shirts keep you warm on cold days and cut a great figure as everyday wear. If they're used for something a little more extreme then you'll find a selection of outdoor shirts made from high-tech materials. Light, breathable long and short-sleeved shirts will be sure to have your back on hiking tours in the summer heat and offer extra UV protection. Expandable collars also protect the neck and throat and rarely fall down when done up.
These styles have plenty to offer in colder regions too. When worn as part of the onion principle and combined with functional undergarments, they can be perfectly folded up and if the sun should come out they can be easily removed from other layers of clothing. Let nothing get in the way of your sports activities.
Whether climbing or biking you can keep a well-balanced temperature even during sweat-inducing activities with the right shirt. Ventilation areas and sweat-transporting synthetic fibres offer maximum comfort. They are best used as the topmost layer of your outfit since outdoor shirts made from waterproof materials also fend off rain and moisture. Kayaking and boat trips are therefore no more of a hindrance than trips to magical winter landscapes.

Appealing designs

There are a wide range of shirts in our online shop to suit the design and fit you're after. Plain and single-colour, bright and colourful or perhaps a classic chequered pattern? Squares do not mean that you're square. Black and white, two-tone, multicolour and much more... Short-sleeved summer shirts exude ease and can be used for hiking trips or urban jungle outings. Long-sleeved designs offer more protection against the elements. Here you'll find numerous opportunities to allow your sporting preferences influence your decision. Perhaps with one or two breast pockets, buttons for rolled-up sleeves, elbow patches or lined flannel shirts in a slim fit. The choice is yours!

Advantages and disadvantages of outdoor shirts

As with almost everything in life, our shirts also have pros and cons depending on the situation. The potential drawbacks are however minimised by making an informed choice.


  • non-iron, simply shake out
  • stylish and practical
  • breathable
  • versatile and adaptable to different situations


  • does not provide protection from very cold or wet weather on its own

Real professionals in the open air

You see, with the right outdoor shirt you can brave any climate and their functions differ significantly from traditional flannel shirts. Even in daring situations and difficult weather conditions you'll always be in safe hands with our shirts. Have a browse and get yourself a new favourite shirt!



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